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  1. Chiropractors use and have used various terms to express this concept: subluxation, vertebral subluxation (VS), vertebral subluxation complex (VSC), "killer subluxations," and the "silent killer." Chiropractors along with some physical therapists and osteopathic physicians, have also used another term, BOOP, meaning "bone out of place."

  2. Respected medical research is designed to address very specific questions. Although conventional medicine has long included a concept of homeostasis, or systemic balance, there has historically been no clear definition of this concept that can be used to test the hypothesis that Reiki promotes balance.

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    The owner and operator of an nkisi, who ministered its powers to others, was the nganga.. In the Kingdom of Kongo the term "nganga" was the name for a person who possessed the skill to communicate with the Other World, as well as divining the cause of illness, misfortune and social stress and preparing measures to address them, often by supernatural means but sometimes natural medicine as well.

  4. Psychedelic therapy is the psychiatric practice involving ingesting psychedelic substances to alleviate trauma, aid in treating mental illnesses and help relieve physical pain. Alongside assistance from substances, trained therapists also employ psycho therapy and psychiatry, such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT).

  5. The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Online Programs. For students who are unable to take their coursework on the Lawrence or Edwards campuses, the College Online offers the Bachelor of General Studies in Communication Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Psychology fully online. Undergraduate certificates and minors are also available online.

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