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    Peanut Butter Cookies
    So, this post is coming a little late in the game. For months now, Amanda has been saying I should write a blog post about all of the cravings I've had over the course of my pregnancy. (For those of you who have been asking, I'm due January 15th, and we're expecting a little girl.) And for months I've resisted. Perhaps this is because, for the most part, my cravings haven't been all that weird. Sure, for the first few months when I wasn't feeling great, I subsisted on lemonade and pickles, and there was that brief phase where I simply had to stop and get an order of Rickshaw dumplings on my way home from the office most nights (my pre-dinner dinner). But for the most part, I've been enjoying most of the same food I normally eat–just slightly more of it. The one thing I have craved pretty much consistently over the past 8 months is cookies. I've always liked cookies of pretty much all sorts, but lately they've become a bit of an obsession–especially when I can enjoy them with a tall glass of milk. Over the next few weeks, as I approach my due date, I thought I'd share some of my all-time favorite cookie recipes with all of you. I figured the timing couldn't be better with the holidays already upon us, and it's great excuse to revisit some of the cookie recipes from my childhood, which were made with love and dexterity by my wonderful mother. What I'd really like, though, is for all of you to share your favorite pregnancy craving stories in the comments section below–and, if you're feeling up to the challenge, add any craving-inspired recipes to Food52. Got a great lemonade up your sleeve? Fantastic hot fudge sundae? Something genius using pickles and/or peanut butter? We want to see these creations! And keep in mind, we're always on the hunt for Wildcards... Just sayin'. My mother used to make these cookies regularly when I was growing up, and they continue to be the standard to which I compare all other peanut butter cookies. This recipe is adapted from one of my favorite cookbooks, The Fannie Farmer Cookbook (First Edition).
    Lemonade  Scones - Gluten Free
    A great scone recipe using gluten free flour and lemonade. Use a good flour blend- the better the mix the better the scones. Also do not overmix as it will make a heavy scone (what my Dad calls a "doorstopper" ). This is an Australian recipe and uses bubbley lemonade soda/soft drink- not the traditional lemonade made on real lemons and sugar. I use "Orgran" brand flour for this recipe. After the first review on this recipe, I have made the scones again. The oven temperature is correct and the recipe worked fine. I have posted some photos now. Similar recipes on this site also use the same oven temperature. I have recently had the temperature on my oven tested and corrected. The temperature stated in this recipe is correct. You could use a lower temp and cook for longer. The quick cooking gives a firm outer layer and a beautiful soft steamy centre- perfect straight from the oven
    Strawberry Mango Limonata
    So about a month ago, we celebrated our daughter’s first birthday! A Mother Goose-themed party, I had to have something for "Jack and Jill" to contribute to the party. I didn’t want plain water, and I didn’t sparkling water. But I did I have some San Pelligrino Limonata (fizzy lemonade) in my stockpile! I ran an extensive search online for drinks using Limonata, but couldn't find much that wasn't alcoholic. I kept reading about people asking for Strawberry Mango Limonata recipes, though. It is apparently a very popular drink at The Olive Garden. I figured, what the heck? "Jack and Jill" probably went up the hill to get water and berries for their mom's lemonade anyway! Well, I can’t vouch that my version is anywhere similar to the Olive Garden version (since I've never had it) but I like it (and so did our guests, young and old). Hope you enjoy it, too!