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  1. Nov 19, 2021 · This track is a powerful, sex-positive anthem that explores the singer's feelings and desires post-divorce. Before the claps kick in for a fun chorus, she sings, "I know that it's wrong, but I want...

  2. Nov 19, 2021 · Adele told Rolling Stone this song was about wanting to be in a real relationship rather than just casual sex, which she joked to be the only thing dating in Los Angeles was good for.

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    • Summary
    • Downloading Data
    • Data Preparation
    • Text Mining
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Network of Songs
    • Key Insights
    • Useful Links For Further Analysis

    After loading the necessary packages, the data from Adele’s three albums is loaded and cleaned. Then I proceed with text mining of songs and albums and their various facets. Next I employ three different approaches to analyze the sentiment in Adele’s songs. Finally, the network of Adele’s songs is constructed as well as some key insights are highli...

    We can get the lyrics from Adele’s albums with the help of genius-package. Here, I’m using the genius_albumfunction to download, one by one Adele’s albums. All we need to specify to the function is the name of the artist and the album we want, and it’ll get the lyrics. As an output, we get a tibble with one row per sentence and information on the t...

    Let’s view the final dataset. As of now we have 927 rows of lyrics from Adele’s songs with 5 columns, namely track number, line, lyric itself, track title and the album.We can also check the summary of the tibble. In the summary we can observe some NA’s that need to be deleted. So now we have a tibble with more that 900 lines of lyrics from Adele’s...

    Now that the songs are in tidy format, we can analyze them. The purpose of text mining is to discover relevant insights from Adele’s lyrics at the level of word frequency, density and lexical diverstiy. Firstly, we can check the word frequency (including stop words and unnecessary words) by songs. And here we look at songs with the highest word cou...

    Now we dig deeper into analyzing the content of Adele’s songs with R. An interesting technique to apply here is sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis is a type of text mining to identify the overall “mood” of the text content, in case of lyrics it can reveal the artist’s attitudes and even cultural influences. Sentiment analysis in R can be perfor...

    A long way behind us! So far we’ve downloaded the lyrics, tidied up the data, performed basic text mining and analyzed the sentiment of Adele’s songs via different approaches. Now we can check how Adele’s songs are related to each other lyrics-wise. For this we will employ the network analysis. Network analysis is a set of integrated techniques to ...

    All in all, the above analysis of Adele’s albums has definitely provided a lot of food for thought. Here is the recap of some findings. 1. “He Won’t Go” by Adele (Album “21”) has the highest word count: 453 words. 2. Album “25” has the highest word density. 3. The most frequent word in Adele’s songs is “love”(118 times), followed by “rumour” (63 ti...

    Of course, the above analysis doesn’t present all aspects of lyrics analysis. For further research, the integration of Spotify features would be relevant. In addition, here are a few links where one can find inspirations and ideas for further work:

  4. Apr 08, 2012 · Obviously, Adele sings about the pain that one suffers when they are left alone after surrendering her heart to the guy she loves most. She'll be hiding her heart forever not to fall in love ever again cos it'll not be the same again and the pains. Sad song... anonymous click a star to vote Feb 6th 2012 report

  5. The song is talking about a relationship coming to an end. Girl meets guy, he is wonderful and she falls really quick for the guy. He is wonderful and tells her all of these wonderful things, but really they were all a lie and now she is left with a broken heart.

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  6. “No Jam” is a Korean slang term for “No fun”. When Namjoon said the iconic sentence “Jimin, you got no Jams.” He meant that Jimin is not fun. Maybe Jimin was trynna be the clown and make everyone laugh on the flight but Namjoon thought it wasn’t funny so, he also jokingly said that Jimin, you got no jams.