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  1. Björk on ‘Biophilia’ and Making Music Interactive. The Icelandic icon speaks to Hans Ulrich Obrist about her revolutionary interactive LP 'Biophilia' in this interview from 2011. In the past, being an ambitious band or musician meant coming up with new and exciting concepts for albums.

  2. May 21, 2009 · But in Björk’s case, it means that the artist—the one with the vision—has simply dared to imagine something that does not already exist. Which is why vision is as important for a musician as it is for a sculptor or a painter—and why it’s essential to the art of being Björk. As an artist, one of Björk’s greatest assets has always ...

  3. Mar 07, 2016 · I thought she was this kind of airhead – like, you come to music classes at school and have this crazy hippie teaching you, her head is in the clouds – so that’s why she had this orange afro, but it also had orange and blue, sunset colours, which for me are kind of cosmic, so it’s almost the galactic thing with Biophilia. It sounds like ...

    • James Merry
  4. May 22, 2021 · The late and great music icon, Prince, held his cards firmly up his sleeve during his long career. Rather than letting every intrinsic last detail of his life be available for public consumption, Prince worked on his privacy to a certain degree, a factor which meant that there was always an air of mystique that loomed over him.

  5. Jun 12, 2020 · Peggy, born Barrington DeVaughn Hendricks, recalls his early memories of music. As a child, he would tape-record BET (Black Entertainment Television) shows so that he could listen to the music again and again. “Music means everything to me. It’s kind of a desperation thing. It’s the only thing I’m good at and the only thing I care about.”

  6. I kind of had a fantasy at one point that I would someday produce someone, but I don’t think about that so much anymore, because I have a lot of conversations with many of my friends who make music and we sort of produce each other, in a way - and in a more viable way, over e-mails or talking on the phone or having a meal together.

  7. Album of the Year 2015 #2: Björk - Vulnicura. Order in the court (of internet peers). Today's installment of our month-long Album of the Year 2015 series comes from our favorite Iceland fetishizing teenager /u/staralfurs. She'll be writing about Björk's most recent album, Vulnicura. I've never posted one of these thing before so hopefully the ...

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