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    • 7.3 magnitude

      • A strong earthquake struck off the coast of Japan late Wednesday, triggering a tsunami threat and leaving more than 2 million households without electricity, officials said. Preliminary reports put it at a 7.3 magnitude. › International › strong-earthquake-felt-japan
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  2. Mar 11, 2011 · The magnitude-9.0 earthquake struck at 2:46 pm. (The early estimate of magnitude 8.9 was later revised upward.) The epicentre was located some 80 miles (130 km) east of the city of Sendai, Miyagi prefecture, and the focus occurred at a depth of 18.6 miles (about 30 km) below the floor of the western Pacific Ocean.

  3. Jan 1, 2024 · More than 35 aftershocks greater than a magnitude of 2.5 have struck near the epicenter of Japan's earthquake in the past 24 hours, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Of...

  4. Jan 1, 2024 · An earthquake struck the Noto peninsula at around 4:10 p.m., local time, and had a magnitude of 7.6 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

  5. This is a list of earthquakes in Japan with either a magnitude greater than or equal to 7.0 or which caused significant damage or casualties. As indicated below, magnitude is measured on the Richter magnitude scale ( ML) or the moment magnitude scale ( Mw ), or the surface wave magnitude scale ( Ms) for very old earthquakes.

  6. Jan 24, 2024 · Credits Image courtesy of the U.S. Geological Survey. On Jan. 1, a magnitude 7.6 earthquake struck the western side of Japan on the Noto Peninsula, killing over 200 people. Japan is prone to earthquakes, including a magnitude 9.1 earthquake in 2011 that triggered a tsunami and killed almost 20,000 people.

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