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    In 1905, the French officially abolished slavery in most of French West Africa. From 1904 to 1958, Ivory Coast was part of the Federation of French West Africa. It was a colony and an overseas territory under the Third Republic. In World War I, France organized regiments from Ivory Coast to fight in France, and colony resources were rationed ...

  2. Who colonized French Equatorial Africa?

    French West Africa, French Afrique Occidentale Française (AOF), administrative grouping under French rule from 1895 until 1958 of the former French territories of West Africa: Senegal, French Guinea, the Ivory Coast, and the French Sudan, to which Dahomey was added in 1899.

  3. The Colonization of Africa

    one, and reasons for the admitted failure to colonize West Africa in the broadest sense are equally complex. We can treat this subject under four headings:-(I) Climatic conditions. (2) Health conditions. (3) Tradition. (4) Environment. All I can hope to do in this short note is to draw from the records of past and present experience in the ...

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    about one thousand years. It so happened that when the French began to colonize West Africa, political infighting among Al-Hajj `Umar’s Tijani descendents increased, as some took advantage of...

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  6. How did the French colonize West Africa in the 19th century ...

    Jun 27, 2010 · They colonized it through wars, treaties and forced protectorates. They managed to do this because states were only just forming in **West** Africa and these states were still fairly weak and defenseless, think of the early ancient Celtic states of Britain, such as the Kingdom of the Iceni and you've got a similar idea (i.e. tribes beginning to form states).

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    Sep 25, 2008 · The Dutch, British and French came later and continued to colonize West African nations. With the missionary campaign of converting Africans to Christianity proved once again in our history that religion serve to cause discord among Africans.

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    Chapter 25 Test- The Reach of Imperialism DRAFT. ... Why did Europeans want to colonize West Africa? ... Q. Indian soldier in an army set up by the French or English ...

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