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  1. A definition of music endeavors to give an accurate and concise explanation of music's basic attributes or essential nature and it involves a process of defining what is meant by the term music. Many authorities have suggested definitions, but defining music turns out to be more difficult than might first be imagined, and there is ongoing debate.

  2. Electronic music is a genre of music that employs electronic musical instruments, digital instruments, or circuitry-based music technology in its creation. It includes both music made using electronic and electromechanical means ( electroacoustic music ).

  3. Jul 22, 2022 · Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 is one of the most desirable pieces of music production gear of the past decade. With a huge number of features, including several synthesizer engines, sampling options, creative modulation, a drum machine, effects, six sequencers, digital multitrack ‘tape’ recording ...

  4. Jun 05, 2021 · What is Groove in Music? In music, the term ‘groove’ is used to describe how people sense the effect of changing the pattern in a propulsive rhythm. In other words, ‘groove’ is what you “feel” while listening to repeated rhythms.

  5. Electronic music. Music can be produced electronically. This is most commonly done by computers, keyboards, electric guitars and disk tables. They can mimic traditional instruments, and also produce very different sounds. 21st-century electronic music is commonly made with computer programs and hardware mixers.

  6. record definition: 1. to store sounds or moving pictures using electronic equipment so that they can be heard or seen…. Learn more.

  7. Sep 21, 2021 · Intelligent Dance Music, often shortened to IDM, is a broader form of electronic music focused on complex rhythms and sound design, rather than the simplistic form of genres like house and dubstep. For some people, this encompasses genres like Ambient, Breakbeat and certain forms of house and techno.

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