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  1. All Orthodox Jews believein one God (Hashem) and that the Jews are his chosen people. They Believe that there is only one way to interpret Judaism, which is the orthodox way. All other streams like reform and conservative Judaism are later developed approaches that have no right and place in Judaism religion.

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    There are thirteen principles of belief, which are the Basic of Judaism beliefs. One of the key beliefs of Judaism, or if you want a short answer to the question \\"what do orthodox jews believe?\\" is the belief that the Torah is a divine work of Hashem (God). The Torah was revealed and given to the Jewish people at Mount Sinai in front of a crowd of six hundred thousand Jewish men. By the Sinai revelation Hashem chose the Jewish people as his chosen nation. This has been the basis of Jewish loyalty to the Torah for the past 3,300 years.

    The Sinai revelation is a fundamental belief of Judaism and according to many Jewish sages in the twelfth century is the proof to the truth of the Jewish religion. The revelation at Sinai is the foundation of Jewish evidence to know that the Torah is true.

    Many people want to know what do Jews believe about afterlife. Honestly spoken, Judaism beliefs in afterlife takes a major role in the life of an Orthodox Jew. One of the core religious beliefs of Judaism is the belief that for every action on earth by humans he will be rewarded or punished in the world to come. In Talmud, earth is named a corridor to the palace, the real world that first takes place after a person dies. Every small child is educated with the to live with a vision to prepare for the world to come. One of the central Orthodx Judaism beliefs is that they are the chosen nation. The Jewish people believe that they must be a light for all the nations. One of Judaism beliefs, is that if a Jew behaves immoral, he than desecrates the name of Hashem (God). This is considered a great sin, because Hashem expects the Jewish people to glorify and bring respect to his great name.

    In the world to come there is Gan Eden (Paradise) and Gehinom (Hell). If a person did more deeds than sins on earth that he goes to Gan Eden after death. If his sins are greater than his good deeds than he goes to Gehinom. Sometimes a person needs to go in Gehinom to clean his soul from sins before he can enter Gan Eden. The work of any Orthodox Jew is to prepare himself in the corridor in order to be able to enter the palace.

    Orthodox Jews don't believe in Jesus!. One of the fundamental beliefs of Judaism is the Jewish belief that Hashem (God) is one. Hashem is beyond human grasp of mind and no human action or traits can be related to him. The biggest prophet was Moses and no other prophet can come later and change his words. The \\"Messiah\\" has not yet come. Jesus has no place in Orthodox Judaism.

  3. Neturei Karta: The Orthodox Jews who oppose the existence of ... › 2020/05/28 › neturei-karta-the

    May 28, 2020 · The group was founded in Jerusalem, Palestine, in 1938 and was established for the purpose of fighting Zionism. Although their numbers are small (5,000 or more), they say the number of Orthodox Jews who believe in their anti-Zionist ideology number in the hundreds of thousands. What is their objection to Israel?

  4. Why Orthodox Jews Don't Believe In Jesus › wp-content › uploads

    Nov 17, 2018 · Why Orthodox Jews Don't Believe in Jesus Page 4 of 6 All of the miracles performed by Moses in the desert were because they were necessary, and not as proof of his prophecy. What then was the basis of [Jewish] belief? The Revelation at Mount Sinai, which we saw with our own eyes and heard with our own ears, not dependent on the testimony

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    If the phrase "Orthodox Jews" were replaced by another religious group, this question would be considered by most to be offensive. What do you think about Muslims? etc.

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    Apr 26, 2021 · The Hasidim believe that their dress proclaims that they are servants of God. It reminds non-Jews and themselves that they are part of a religious discipline that appreciates separateness. There is probably little difference in the fundamental beliefs between Orthodox Judaism and Hasidic Judaism.

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    Orthodox: Believes the Torah (books of Moses) was written by God and is to be followed today. Approximately 10% of American Jews claim to be Orthodox. • Reform: Do not believe the Torah was written by Moses. Considered the liberals of Judaism, Reformed Jews follow the principles of the Torah rather than specific commandments. 35% of ...

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    On certain issues, Orthodox Jews are required to follow the customs of their ancestors and do not believe they have the option of picking and choosing. For this reason, observant Jews at times find it important for religious reasons to ascertain who their household's religious ancestors are in order to know what customs their household should ...

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    Sep 05, 2014 · I would still offer to connect her with friendly Orthodox Jews if she was interested but the Shabbat part was specifically before she was Jewish. Other non-Jewish people have written in asking how/where they can meet Orthodox Jews and I’ve helped them with that. Reply; Lorrie says on September 5, 2014

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    Most Americans think of religion in terms of the "Big Three"—Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. But the Orthodox? Who are they? Like Protestants, they're not one monolith with uniform beliefs.

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