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      • Ralph Breaks the Internet, the sequel to the 2012 Oscar-nominated video game film, follows arcade game characters Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman). After Vanellope’s game Sugar Rush breaks down, the pair venture into the internet with the guidance of Yesss, a trend-aholic algorithm, to retrieve a replacement part.
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  2. 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Cast: Meet the Famous Voice ... › lists › ralph-breaks

    Nov 21, 2018 · Molina voices Double Dan, the heroes' key into the dark web, but Ralph Breaks the Internet isn't even the English actors' latest voice acting credit. He's also set to star alongside Rosario Dawson,...

  3. Ralph Breaks the Internet -- Meet the cast, who's playing ... › entertainment › movies

    Nov 15, 2018 · Sarah Silverman stars as Vanellope von Schweetz, a racer/glitch in the game "Sugar Rush" who turned out to be its lost princess-turned-president, in 2018's "Ralph Breaks the Internet."

  4. Ralph Breaks the Internet - Wikipedia › wiki › Ralph_Breaks_the_Internet

    Voice cast John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph, a gigantic but soft-hearted man who is the antagonist of the arcade game Fix-It Felix... Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitchy racer who is the main character and princess of Sugar Rush and... Gal Gadot as Shank, a tough and talented NPC ...

  5. 10 Actors You Didn’t Know Voiced ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet ... › 2018/11/26 › 10-actors-you-didnt-know

    Nov 26, 2018 · While we all know that John C. Reilly voices Ralph and Sarah Silverman voices Vanellope, there are a bunch of well-known actors who just said a couple lines in the film.

  6. 'Ralph Breaks the Internet' Cast On The Internet & Disney ... › ralph-breaks-the-internet-junket

    Nov 21, 2018 · Part of what separated production on Ralph Breaks the Internet from other animated films was the recording process. In order to achieve more authentic dialogue, all of the actors recorded in the ...

  7. Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018 Movie ... › movies › Ralph-Breaks

    Nov 21, 2018 · 70 images (& sounds) of the Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 cast of characters. Photos of the Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Movie) voice actors.

  8. Ralph Breaks the Internet | Wreck-It Ralph Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Ralph_Breaks_the
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    Six years after saving the game Sugar Rush from Turbo's revenge, Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz are still best friends who hang out every night after work in Litwak's Family Fun Center and Arcade. Vanellope's frustration over the predictability of her game prompts Ralph to create a secret bonus track for her. She enjoys the track but overrides the player controls to race on it, causing the steering wheel to get stuck. A player accidentally pulls the wheel off the console while tryi...

    1. John C. Reilly as Wreck-It Ralph, a gigantic but soft-hearted man who is the antagonist of the arcade game Fix-It Felix, Jr. 2. Sarah Silverman as Vanellope von Schweetz, a racer/glitch in Sugar Rush who turned out to be its lost princess-turned-president. 3. Jack McBrayer as Fix-It Felix, Jr., a repairman who is the protagonist and playable character of Fix-It Felix Jr., as well as the husband of Sergeant Calhoun. 4. Jane Lynch as Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, the lead character of Hero'...

    Similar to the first film, which included a number of cameos and references to video games, Ralph Breaks the Internet has additional features to Internet culture and to various Disney properties, including their own films, Pixar films, the Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and The Muppets franchises. Mickey Mouse, Grumpy, Dumbo, Humphrey the Bear, Eeyore, Tinker Bell, Nick Wilde, Heihei, Buzz Lightyear, Baymax, C-3PO, R2-D2, Yoda, Stormtroopers, Iron Man, Judy Hopps, and Rocket Raccoon also appear in...

    In October 2012, director Rich Moore said that he and Disney had ideas about a sequel that would bring the characters up to date and explore different planes of the gaming universe like online gaming and console gaming, Moore noting it would be \\"great to work in a story about those types of games that are so prevalent, contemporary and part of today's culture\\". The idea of a sequel held interest for numerous people involved with the first film, including the artists, technicians, and voice ac...

    On June 30, 2016, Walt Disney Animation Studios initially announced that the sequel, titled Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, would be released on March 9, 2018. However, in late April 2017, it was announced that its release date was moved from the originally announced March to November 2018. In July 2018, Disney shortened the film's title to Ralph Breaks the Internet. The film was released in 3D, 2D, Dolby Cinema and IMAX 3D.The first official clip named \\"KnowsMore\\" was released o...

    As of February 1, 2019, Ralph Breaks the Internet has grossed $196.3 million in the United States and Canada, and $277.6 million in other territories, for a total worldwide gross of $473.9 million, against a production budget of $175 million.In the United States and Canada, Ralph Breaks the Internet was released alongside Creed II and Robin Hood, as well as the wide expansion of Green Book, and was originally projected to gross $67–77 million from 4,017 theaters in its five-day opening weeken...

  9. See the "Ralph Breaks the Internet" Disney Princesses Next to ... › gallery › wreck-it-ralph-2
    • Zoë Weiner
    • Idina Menzel as Elsa. Broadway star Idina Menzel is back at it again as ice princess Elsa, and our fingers are seriously crossed that it means we'll get to hear a few lines of "Let It Go" in Ralph Wrecks the Internet.
    • Jodi Benson as Ariel. Look at this stuff, isn't it neat? Namely, that the original Little Mermaid voice star Jodi Benson is back to play Ariel for another round.
    • Paige O'Hara as Belle. Paige O'Hara played the original Belle in the 1991 version of Beauty and the Beast, so no doubt you'll recognize her voice onscreen this time around (especially if you watched the movie a many times as I did as a kid).
    • Linda Larkin as Jasmine. Linda Larkin first graced us with "A Whole New World" in 1992, and clearly shares her character's affinity for gorgeous jewelry.
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