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  1. Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl: Frank, Anne, Mooyaart ...

    This book is the diary of a young girl 'Anne Frank'.The story begins on Anne's 13th birthday when she gets a diary.☝ This story reveals the sufferings and pains faced by Anne's family when the Nazi part invaded Germany.At that point they are staying in the Frankfurt but they later escaped to Amsterdam.The diary suddenly ends on 1 August 1944 ...

  2. List of people associated with Anne Frank - Wikipedia

    Janny Brandes-Brilleslijper (24 October 1916 – 15 August 2003) and her sister Lientje, Anne and Margot's fellow prisoners in all three camps, had both trained as nurse aides and were among the last people to see Anne and Margot Frank alive. See also. The betrayal of Anne Frank; The Diary of a Young Girl; The Last Seven Months of Anne Frank

  3. The Netherlands: the greatest number of ... - Anne Frank Website

    However, not all these 12,000 cases of punishment were people who had been in hiding and had been arrested. They also included people who had not been in hiding but, for example, had (allegedly) infringed one of the many anti-Jewish regulations, such as: being away from home after the clock had struck for the evening curfew for the Jews

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