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  1. It aims to expand Wikipedia's resources on Minnesota in a NPOV and accurate manner. This WikiProject was formed to coordinate the development of better articles on the U.S. state of Minnesota. This page and its subpages contain suggestions on formatting and layout of articles, which can be discussed at the project's talk page .

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  2. Brian Coyle, W. Harry Davis, Cornell MacNeil, George Morrison (artist) and Katherine Nash stubs done. Any of them could be expanded for DYK and higher ratings. - Susanlesch 20:21, 20 January 2007 (UTC). [ reply] W. Harry Davis now B, DYK 25 January. Grace Lee Nute, historian, writer. Karen Clark, state representative.

  3. Minnesota's 4th congressional district. Minnesota's 5th congressional district. Minnesota's 6th congressional district. Minnesota's 7th congressional district. Minnesota's 8th congressional district. United States House of Representatives elections in Minnesota, 2008. United States Senate election in Minnesota, 2008.

  4. WP:MINN/A Welcome to the assessment department of the Minnesota WikiProject! This department focuses on assessing the quality of Wikipedia's articles about the Minnesota, its governments, people, geography, and history.

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    Professional, outstanding, and thorough;
    No further content additions should be ...
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    Bring all of the Minnesota State Highway articles under the same format.
    Create an article for all Minnesota State Highways.


    Minnesota has used four different types of shields: According to official state maps, both the star and white square shields were in use between 1954 and 1956. All state route shields have been created in the format MN-X.svg, where X is the route number. They reside in the category Minnesota State Route markers. All of the state highway markers past and present have been created and reside on the Commons. Shield pages in Sister projects


    County shields, where they exist, reside on Commons here. If necessary, there are two blank shields for county roads. File:County blank.svg is the pentagonal style, and File:White County Plate Template.svg is the square style. See this pagefor a guide to which shield is used for which roads in which counties.

    Browse Template

    If a route is decommissioned, it still needs a browse box at the bottom of the article. will create something like Replace previous and next type with "US" or "Interstate" if and only if the previous or next route is not a Minnesota state highway. If the previous or next route is a U.S. Route, _type=US if it is an interstate, type=Interstate This box should only be placed on pages that do not have an infobox, or are an article for a Interstate or U.S. Route in the Minnesota state highway syst...


    use {{Minnesota-road-stub}} to label stub articles.

    Project notice

    {{WikiProject U.S. Roads|state=MN}} Designates the current article as part of the Minnesota State Highways WikiProject. Place on the article's talk page.

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  5. Wikipedia:WikiProject Minnesota/Culture ... Use this page for gathering information and resources for Minnesota culture for ... Wikipedia® is a registered ...

  6. MNopedia is an online encyclopedia maintained by the Minnesota Historical Society. Most of the encyclopedia's entries are licensed CC-BY-SA 3.0 and can be ported to Wikipedia. The template { {MNopedia}} can be placed at the bottom of a ported page. Wikipedia policy requires that inline citations be created for any ported entries.

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