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      • Fons et origo is a Latin term meaning "source and origin". Typical usage of the term describes Athens as the fons et origo of democracy, or Italy as the fons et origo of classical music. Lancelot Ware (1915–2000), the founder of Mensa, was awarded the honorary title Fons et Origo by the society in 1987.
  1. Fons et Origo:A Darwinian View of Selfobject Theory and the Arts › publication › 233552673_Fons

    Download Citation | Fons et Origo:A Darwinian View of Selfobject Theory and the Arts | Four important themes in self psychology as developed by Heinz Kohut are remarkably congruent with current ...

  2. fons et origo - definition and meaning - › words › fons et origo

    chained_bear commented on the word fons et origo "It was you who recommended that she come to me as a servant, was it not, Mr. Wood? You who are the fons et origo of my troubles with her?" —Iain Pears, An Instance of the Fingerpost (New York: Riverhead Books, 1998), 596. October 16, 2008

  3. The Delphic plague : a study in Athenian oracular rejection ... › cgi › viewcontent

    3 I.THE CAUSE: AN EXAMINATION OF THE FONS ET ORIGO MALI In order to further examine the dual nature of the plague in question, one must first examine the fons et origo mali, or the “fount and origin of the malady”.

    • Devin A Stephens
    • 2019

    CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION-FONS ET ORIGO “Although the purpose of counterintelligence is defensive, its methods are essentially offensive”9 - Allan Dulles Introduction of Thesis Concept This thesis tests the concept of strategic counterintelligence using qualitative research. It focuses on the use of historical cases that articulate how and why

  5. Make war, not love | Books | The Guardian › books › 2007

    Aug 10, 2007 · Robespierre, in a speech to the National Assembly in May 1790, saw "fraternity" as natural and France as the leading exponent of pacifism. Yet, within two years, his country had triggered one of...

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    Sep 19, 2013 · Legal background. We start with the Aarhus Convention, the fons et origo of the legal right of access to environmental information. Here “public authority” means government, obviously; “natural or legal persons” having public responsibilities or functions under national law and natural or legal persons having public responsibilities or functions “under the control of government” or ...

  7. eros, Beauty, and the Divine in Plato › media › website-media

    only tentatively. In light of the significance Socrates holds as the fons et origo of Western philosophy, this is regrettable. Cicero explicitly maintains that Socrates is the originator of ethical philosophy. He says that Socrates was the first to bring philosophy down from the heavens and put it into the

  8. Understanding the “Spirit, Purport and Objects” of South ... › openaccess › understanding-the

    Aug 03, 2018 · Section 39(2) is not the fons et origo of the modalities applicable to statutory interpretation nor the development of common law or customary law. Section 39(2) merely indicates an outcome that, as a minimum, an interpretive exercise or legal development must satisfy in order to pass constitutional muster.


    Now, from the metaphysical standpoint, where it is propositioned that there is an Original Entity (Spirit), which is, to use the Latin term, the "fons et origo" (source and origin) of all that is, it may be recalled that an endeavor had been made in the discussion on Spiritual Science to define just what Spirit is.

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