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    • 1. the side or part of an object that presents itself to view or that is normally seen or used first; the most forward part of something: "a page at the front of the book had been torn out" Similar forepartforeforemost partanteriorOpposite rearback
    • 2. the foremost line or part of an armed force; the furthest position that an army has reached and where the enemy is or may be engaged: "his regiment was immediately sent to the front" Similar front linevanguardvanfirst line


    • 1. of or at the front: "the front cover of the magazine" Similar at the frontforemostleadingleadOpposite backlast
    • 2. (of a vowel sound) formed by raising the tongue, excluding the blade and tip, toward the hard palate.


    • 1. (of a building or piece of land) have the front facing or directed toward: "the houses that front Beacon Street"
    • 2. provide (something) with a front or facing of a particular type or material: "a metal box fronted by an alloy panel"


    • 1. used to summon someone to the front or to command them to assume a forward-facing position, as in calling a bellhop to the front desk or giving orders to troops on parade: "scouts, front and center!"

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