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    • 1. the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity: "she has been on the board since its inception two years ago"
  2. Urban Dictionary: Inception › define

    inception. 1. original meaning: source, origin, beginning. 2. (following the 2010 movie): an infinite loop; a thing that contains itself; a repetition of the same thing, something with multiple layers; infinite regress, a vicious circle; a dream within a dream.

  3. Inception - Beginning; first stage; as, the movement was successful from its inception.

  4. Urban Dictionary: inceptioned › define

    Aug 06, 2010 · the act of completely fucking someone's mind. getting inside someones head, and either convincing them of something, or causing them to question the reality of the situation. after inceptioning someone it is imperative to say inception to the target, letting them know they just got mind fucked IMPORTANT: Inception is also a game, with rules *inception is a game best played lit as fuck, and is won when one person inceptions everyone in the room, regardless. you should always help out someone ...

  5. Urban Dictionary: inceptionize › define

    Putting a brilliant idea into someone else's/your own mind.

  6. Urban Dictionary: Inceptionist › define

    One who disrupts dreams or one's conscious with manipulation; to twist and make into a new inception (dream). Travis being an " inceptionist ", replaced and redirected Daniele's dreams of fish and the world ending into dreams of teddy bears. by mackkkkattackkkk June 22, 2011. Flag.

  7. Urban Dictionary: Ception › define

    A word that is often used after a noun to explain that the said noun has multiple layers of it. This term became popular after the 2010 movie Inception (directed by Chris Nolan) was released, due to Inception's use of multi-layered dreams.

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    Feb 07, 2012 · Below please find a definition of “Inception Date” Inception Date: The day on which a fund starts trading. Free MP3 Download: To download our free 35 minute audio interview with expert Richard C. Wilson on how to succeed in the

  9. Inception's Hidden Meaning Is Why The Ending Is Perfect › inception-ending-hidden-meaning

    Jul 16, 2020 · Inception is a thoughtful story that deliberately asks lofty questions with no clear answer and, just as Cobb and Saito do to Robert Fischer, encourages viewers to define their own existence. And the stunts are pretty good too. More: Why Christopher Nolan Never Made Inception 2

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