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    What does the word judgment mean?

    What is the difference between judgment and sentence?

    What is the difference between judgment and reason?

    What is the biblical definition of judgment?

      • Judgment is a noun that has several meanings, including “the act or instance of judging ,” and “the ability to judge, make a decision, or form an opinion objectively, authoritatively, and wisely, especially in matters affecting action.” For example: My uncle was a man of good judgment and many of us sought his advice.
  3. Britannica Dictionary definition of JUDGMENT 1 a [count] : an opinion or decision that is based on careful thought We have to make a judgment about the value of their services. In my judgment [= opinion ], the stock has performed badly. = It is my judgment that the stock has performed badly. The judgment of the editors is final. [+] more examples

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    In a judgement, one affirms a given relationship between two things, or one denies a relationship between two things exists. The kinds of definitions that are judgements are those that are the intersection of two or more ideas rather than those indicated only by usual examples, that is, constitutive definition.

  5. May 21, 2019 · In American English, judgement is downright rare. Judgment has a huge, and some would say overwhelming, lead over judgement. Yet it does exist, as demonstrated in the May 2016 Daily Examiner article that announced “the full judgement of the Fair Work Commission 2015/16 Annual Wage Review Expert Panel.”

  6. a judgment as to action or fitness : a judgment of the practical reason : an ethical judgment… See the full definition ... Fourteen words that helped define the ...

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