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    • 1. the action of showing something to be right or reasonable: "the justification of revolutionary action"
    • 2. the action of declaring or making righteous in the sight of God.
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      • A short definition of justification is "the act of making someone right with God." Justification takes place when God declares those who place their faith in Christ to be righteous. Second Corinthians 5:21 says, "For our sake he made him to be sin who knew no sin, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God."
  3. In Christian theology, justification is the event or process by which sinners are made or declared to be righteous in the sight of God. The means of justification is an area of significant difference amongst the diverse theories of atonement defended within Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Protestant theologies.

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    • Some Important Truths About Justification You Should Know
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    In elementary language, justification is declaringa sinful person as righteous or just. Legally, it signifies acquittal regardless of the charges against an individual. To understand justification, we must first realize that none of us is free from sin naturally. By nature, we are sinful, even on our best behavior. God took it upon Himself to decla...

    Justification is simply God’s declarationabout sinners. One misconception about justification is that it makes one holy. No, it doesn’t. Instead, it is a declaration that you are not guilty before God despite your misgivings. Finding your way towards holiness is a process known as sanctification. That being said, here are some crucial truths about ...

    Not everyone understands the concept of justification. While some Christians struggle with this concept, others have come up with wrong doctrines surrounding this topic. This section will attempt to debunk two important misconceptions about justification.

    This post has explained justification, some truths about the concept, and debunked a few misconceptions. Do you have any questions or contributions? Kindly drop them in the comments section below. Meanwhile, feel free to check out GodKultureto read through other inspiring posts for a Christian creative.

    • a reason, fact, circumstance, or explanation that justifies or defends His insulting you was ample justification for...
    • an act of justifying The painter's justification of his failure to finish on time didn't impress me.
    • the state of being justified.
    • Also called: justification by faith Theology the act of God whereby...
  4. Jan 12, 2006 · justification Justification, verb, the act of making excuses for your foolish actions. Can be used as another form of blagging. justification of why you shagged your sister is easy by Pickle March 8, 2005 Get the justification mug. justification The act of making something extremely gay and jewish; named after Justin

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