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    What does the name Kinship mean?

    What is kinship and what are the basis for kinship?

    What does kinship by marriage mean?

    What is the definition of the term kinship?

  3. Sep 28, 2019 · Kinship: Definition in the Study of Sociology Defininition. Kinship is a "system of social organization based on real or putative family ties," according to... Types. Sociologists and anthropologists debate as what to types of kinship exist. Most social scientists agree that... Importance. Kinship ...

    • David Murray Schneider
    • 1984
    • 1984
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  4. kinship might be defined, he began in a similar vein by asserting that blood relationship (consanguinity) is inadequate for a definition of kinship as it would not account for the practice of adoption and other practices which make it evident that “fatherhood and motherhood depend, not

  5. kinship unknown A code word for a non-abusive romantic relationship between people who are related, for example, cousins or siblings . " My sister and I have a special kinship..."

  6. Kinship: "Relationship based on or modeled on the culturally recognized connection between parents and children (and extended to siblings and through parents to more distant relatives.)" RK:150. Kinship Terminology: "A system of linguistic categories for denoting kinds of relatives." RK:150.

  7. The statute does not define “kinship caregiver” for purposes of this program. Therefore, the title IV-E agency may serve families headed by a grandparent or other relative as well as tribal kin, extended family and friends, or other ‘fictive kin’ who are caring for children.

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