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      • Provenience most frequently refers to the in situ location at the time of archaeological discovery ("the provenience of an artifact"), while provenance is customarily used by historians, museums, and commercial entities to refer to chain of custody, ideally from the time of origin to the current location in museums or private collections.
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    • 1. another term for provenance
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    The term "well-documented provenance" refers to an object's ownership history and should not be confused with archaeological "provenience," the find-spot of an object. Getty Gets Fleischman Collection. The latrine, being provenience oriented, requires more meticulous troweling than plowzone units.

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    Provenance | Definition of Provenance by Merriam-Webster Provenance (from the French provenir, 'to come from/forth') is the chronology of the ownership, custody or location of a historical object.

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    A dictionary meaning of Provenience is “place of origin”. In the Parks Canada provenience system, it means the place of origin of an archaeological object, of a cluster of archaeological objects, of a feature or features, of a sample of soil, mortar, charcoal or other material.

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    Provenance, according to the online version of Merriam Webster's dictionary, means "the history of ownership of a valued object" and it is the oldest (or parent) of the two words.Provenance is derived from the French word 'provenir', meaning "to come forth", and it has been in use in English since the 1780s. Provenience, according to the same

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    its provenience (exact location within matrix) its association with other artifacts (within same matrix)

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    the archaeological provenience and associations of an artifact by adding the cultural and/or behavioral setting in which an artifact had a role, and expanding the concept to distinguish primary ...


    THE PROVENIENCE OF GALENA FROM ARCHAIC/WOODLAND SITES IN NORTHEASTERN NORTH AMERICA: LEAD ISOTOPE EVIDENCE Ronald M. Farquhar and Ian R. Fletcher Seven burial/habitation sites of the Late Archaic-Early Woodland periods in the Great Lakes area have yielded galenas whose lead isotope ratios define the provenience of the minerals.

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    Jul 24, 2019 · Section 5 of the Companies Act, 2013, defines the Articles of Association or AoA as a set of regulations for the management of the company and the conduct of its business. Further, the company has the right to adopt any or all of the model articles applicable to it. You can also consider it to be the rule book of the way the company works and ...