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  1. What is the difference between Roman Syrian Catholic and ...

    Dec 26, 2020 · The Syrian Catholic rite is one of the 23 rites of the Catholic Church. The largest rite, by far, is the Latin Rite, which some 97% of all Catholics belonging to it. The other 22 rites, mostly based in the Near East and as far as India, are collectively called "Eastern Catholics"--and some of these are called Syrian Catholic Rites.

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  3. My family originated in Aleppo, Syria and were Syriac ...

    Hi Salwa, Assyria starts at around 2,500BC and collapses just a few years prior to 600BC. In other terms, 6 centuries before Christianity starts being spread in the region.

  4. Who are the Syriac people? - Quora

    The Syriacs or Assyrians are a Semitic-speaking people who live in northern parts of Iraq and claim descent from ancient Assyria. They consider their homeland to be in northern Iraq in the Assyrian triangle: They follow Syriac Christianity, and th...

  5. What are other types of Catholic churches are there besides ...

    The Catholic Church is a communion of 24 autonomous (sui iuris) churches, each with their own presiding bishop, usually known as a patriarch or major archbishop. All of whom are in communion with the bishop of Rome, the pope.

  6. Were the Assyrians atheists? - Quora

    Forgive me, but I believe you may be confused. I am an Atheist and an Assyrian, but my atheism is not at all representative of the Assyrian community. Less than 5% of us are atheists.

  7. What are the main differences between the various Middle ...

    Well, there are so many of them. Where to start? Let us start with the biggest one - the Copts of Egypt. The Copts of Egypt are primarily Coptic Orthodox. They are said to resemble the Syriac Orthodox of Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.

  8. Are there many Christian churches in Israel? - Quora

    Major Churches in Israel: 1. Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City (home of six denominations: Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox, Armenian Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Coptic Orthodox and Ethiopian Orthodox.)

  9. What are some important facts about the Assyrians? - Quora

    Dec 20, 2019 · Since the question is tagged with Assyrian ethnicity and people, I will take it as you asking for current day Assyrians. * Assyrians are Christians, with a population over 3 million in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Iran and Turkey - and they clai...

  10. What is the difference between Roman Catholic and Greek ...

    Nov 14, 2020 · Roman Catholic is the name used for the Latin rite church that the vast majority of Catholics belong to. The Greek Catholic church generally refers to one of the rites of the Eastern Catholic churches, namely the Byzantine rite.

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