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  1. We know the Vatican is the head quarters of the Roman Catholic church, it being somewhat like a international commercial company with no share holders. It is an amazing company selling just 2000 year old abstract ideas.

  2. Probably for the same reason that Rheims Cathedral France is sacred, and Jesus never went there either. This is the location of the founding of the Holy Roman Empire in 496 A.D. (baptism of King Clovis) when a white dove descended from heaven carr...

  3. People also ask

    Why is the Vatican referred to as the Holy See?

    Which is the governing body of the Catholic Church?

    Why does the Vatican claim to represent Jesus?

    Where does the word Holy See come from?

  4. Both. They are two distinct entities. The Holy See refers to the administrative center of the Catholic Church - basically, the pope, and his staff serving the central offices of a 1.3 billion member church - really a network of institutions and or...

  5. Does this odd notion come from the fact that all the citizens of Vatican City are Catholic? The Muslim refugees housed in the Vatican City were not required to convert before receiving assistance, and non-Catholic tourists are not required to conv...

  6. The Pope is recognized as the Vicar of Christ, ie The prime Minister of Christ on earth as the spiritual leader of 1.3 billion Catholics, who is also the head of the Vatican & the Holy See Wikipedia Vatican City officially Vatican City State is an...

  7. The “Holy See” refers to the central administration of the Catholic Church, based within Vatican City: the pope and the Roman curia. The term derives from the “see” as the “seat” (Latin sedes) of a bishop’s authority.