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  1. 1248 - Wikipedia › wiki › 1248

    Wikimedia Commons has media related to 1248. Year 1248 (MCCXLVIII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday (link will display the full calendar) of the Julian calendar.

  2. Seventh Crusade - Wikipedia › wiki › Seventh_Crusade

    The Seventh Crusade was a crusade led by Louis IX of France from 1248 to 1254. Louis' Christian army was defeated by the Ayyubid army led by Fakhr al-Din ibn Shaykh al-Shuyukh and their allies, the Bahriyya Mamluks, led by Faris ad-Din Aktai, Baibars al-Bunduqdari, Qutuz, Aybak and Qalawun.

    • 1248–1254
    • Status quo ante bellum
    • Muslim victory
    • Egypt
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  4. Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 - Wikipedia › wiki › Southwest_Airlines_Flight_1248

    Southwest Airlines Flight 1248 was a scheduled passenger flight from Baltimore, Maryland, to Chicago, Illinois, continuing on to Salt Lake City, Utah, and then to Las Vegas, Nevada. On December 8, 2005, the airplane slid off a runway at Chicago-Midway while landing in a snowstorm and crashed into automobile traffic, killing a six-year-old boy.

  5. 1248 in Ireland - Wikipedia › wiki › 1248_in_Ireland

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Events from the year 1248 in Ireland.

  6. 1248 - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › 1248

    1248 From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Year 1248 (MCCXLVIII) was a leap year starting on Wednesday of the Julian calendar.

  7. AM-1248 - Wikipedia › wiki › AM-1248

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia AM-1248 is a drug that acts as a moderately potent agonist for both the cannabinoid receptors CB 1 and CB 2, but with some dispute between sources over its exact potency and selectivity.

  8. 1248 - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas › wiki › 1248

    1248 () adalah tahun kabisat yang diawali hari Rabu dalam kalender Julian, tahun ke-1248 dalam sebutan Masehi (CE) dan Anno Domini (AD), tahun ke-248 pada Milenium ke-2, tahun ke-48 pada Abad ke-13, dan tahun ke- 9 pada dekade 1240-an.

  9. 1248 - Wikipedia › wiki › 1248

    1248 (MCCXLVIII) a fost un an bisect al calendarului iulian.. Evenimente. 2 februarie: Guelfii sunt alungați din Florența.; 18 februarie: Bătălia de la Parma: împăratul Frederic al II-lea eșuează în fața Parmei; ghibelinii sunt alungați din Romagna și Spoleto; Frederic al II-lea se retrage în Sicilia.

  10. 1248 Jugurtha - Wikipedia › wiki › 1248_Jugurtha
    • Overview
    • Discovery
    • Orbit and classification
    • Naming
    • Physical characteristics

    1248 Jugurtha is a stony background asteroid from the central regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 29 kilometers in diameter. Discovered by Cyril Jackson at the Union Observatory in 1932, the asteroid was named after Jugurtha, the ancient North African king of Numidia. The S-type asteroid is likely elongated in shape and has a rotation period of 12.9 hours.

    Jugurtha was discovered on 1 September 1932, by South African astronomer Cyril Jackson at the Union Observatory in Johannesburg. On 29 September 1932, it was independently by Soviet astronomer Grigory Neujmin at the Simeiz Observatory on the Crimean peninsula. The Minor Planet Center only recognizes the first discoverer.

    Jugurtha is a non-family asteroid from the main belt's background population. It orbits the Sun in the central asteroid belt at a distance of 2.7–2.8 AU once every 4 years and 6 months. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.02 and an inclination of 9° with respect to the ecliptic. The body's observation arc begins with its first observation as A901 VE at Heidelberg Observatory in November 1901, nearly 31 years prior to its official discovery,.

    This minor planet was named after Jugurtha, a king of Numidia in North Africa, opposed to and defeated by Rome in the Jugurthine War. The official naming citation was mentioned in The Names of the Minor Planets by Paul Herget in 1955.

    In the SMASS classification, Jugurtha is a common, stony S-type asteroid.

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