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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 1260s BC is a decade which lasted from 1269 BC to 1260 BC.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia How come the 1260 bc date is given as the approximate date for the exodus, when the death of moses is given as 1272 bc. As the bc years decline, moses must have been dead by the time of exodus. This comment is solely based on my opposition to the dates given in your site.

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  4. 13th century BC - Wikipedia › wiki › 13th_century_BC

    1280s BC; 1270s BC; 1260s ... The 13th century BC was the period from 1300 to 1201 BC. Events. 1300 BC: Cemetery H culture comes to an end in the ...

  5. 1240s BC - Wikipedia › wiki › 1240s_BC

    Events and trends. c. 1240 BC—The Philistines expand their influence into Cyprus and Canaan. c. 1240 BC—The wimble and lathe are invented. Significant people. Merneptah, pharaoh of Egypt, born (approximate date).

  6. 1270s BC - Wikipedia › wiki › 1270s_BC

    c. 1279 BC–1213 BC—Temple of Ramesses II in Abu Simbel, Nubia (19th dynasty) was built. Wall painting of Queen Nefertari making an offering to the god Isis in the tomb of Nefertari was made. The tomb is located in the Valley of the Queens in Egypt. c. 1279 BC – 1213 BC—Temple of Amun, Mut and Khons, Luxor, Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt ...

  7. 1280s BC - Wikipedia › wiki › 1280s_BC

    The 1280s BC was a decade which lasted from 1289 BC to 1280 BC. Millennium: 2nd millennium ... 1260s BC; Years: 1289 ...

  8. List of decades - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › List_of_decades

    17th century BC: 1690s BC: 1680s BC: 1670s BC: 1660s BC: 1650s BC: 1640s BC: 1630s BC: 1620s BC: 1610s BC: 1600s BC: 16th century BC: 1590s BC: 1580s BC: 1570s BC ...

  9. 1260s BC - Unionpedia, the concept map › 1260s_BC

    1260s BC The 1260s BC is a decade which lasted from 1269 BC to 1260 BC. 13 relations: Ancient Egypt, Ḫattušili III, Egypt, Heracles, Hittites, Israelites, List of decades, Moses, Peace treaty, Ramesses II, The Exodus, Thebes, Greece, 1260s BC.

  10. List of decades, centuries, and millennia - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_decades,_centuries

    10th millennium BC · 10,000–9001 BC 9th millennium BC · 9000–8001 BC 8th millennium BC · 8000–7001 BC 7th millennium BC · 7000–6001 BC 6th millennium BC · 6000–5001 BC 5th millennium BC · 5000–4001 BC 4th millennium BC · 4000–3001 BC 40th century BC: 39th century BC: 38th century BC: 37th century BC: 36th century BC: 35th ...

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