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    The 1430s decade ran from January 1, 1430, to December 31, 1439. Events 1430. January–December. January 7 – Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, marries Isabella ...

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    1430s. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Millennium: 2nd millennium: Centuries: 14th century – 15th century – 16th century: Decades: 1400s 1410s 1420s – 1430s

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    1430s: The engraver known as the Master of the Playing Cards becomes active in south-western Germany and Switzerland. 1435: Leon Battista Alberti writes Della Pittura . 1438-1440: Donatello completes his series of sculptures for the Cathedral of Prato .

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    1380s; 1390s; 1400s; 1410s; 1420s; 1430s; 1440s; 1450s; 1460s; 1470s; 1480s; Subcategories. This category has the following 23 subcategories, out of 23 total.

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    1. January 7 – Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, marries Isabella of Portugal. 2. January 10 – Philip the Good founds the Order of the Golden Fleece. 3. March 29 – The Ottoman Empire, under Murad II, captures Thessalonicaafter an eight-year siege. 4. May 14 – The French first attempt to relieve the Siege of Compiègne. 5. May 23 – Joan of Arc is captured by the Burgundians, while leading an army to relieve Compiègne. 6. June 14 – William Waynflete becomes vicar of Skendleby, Lincolnshire. 7....

    Date unknown

    1. Bratislava Castle is converted to a fortress under Sigismund of Luxemburg. 2. Optical methods are first used in the creation of art. 3. With the surrender of Chalandritsa and the citadel of Patras to the Byzantine Despotate of the Morea, the Principality of Achaeacomes to an end.

    March 10 – Oliviero Carafa, Italian Catholic cardinal (d. 1511)
    March 23 – Margaret of Anjou, queen of Henry VI of England (d. 1482)
    June 13 – Beatrice, Duchess of Viseu, Portuguese infante (d. 1506)
    June 27 – Henry Holland, 3rd Duke of Exeter, Lancastrian leader during the English Wars of the Roses (d. 1475)
    January 5 – Philippa of England, Queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (b. 1394)
    January 29 or 1427 – Andrei Rublev, Russian iconographer (possible date; b. 1360)
    August 4 – Philip I, Duke of Brabant (b. 1404)
    August 18 – Thomas de Ros, 8th Baron de Ros, English soldier and politician (b. 1406)
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    The 1430s BC is a decade which lasted from 1439 BC to 1430 BC. Millennium: 2nd millennium ...

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    Lucrezia d'Alagno. Pirro Del Balzo. Walter Devereux, 8th Baron Ferrers of Chartley. Humphrey Stafford, 1st Earl of Devon. John Courtenay, 15th Earl of Devon. Fra Diamante. Dorothea of Brandenburg. Duarte Galvão.

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