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    Azincourt (French pronunciation: ; historically, Agincourt / ˈ æ ʒ ɪ n k ʊər / in English) is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais department in northern France. The Battle of Agincourt (1415) took place nearby.

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      Situated 12 miles north-west of Saint-Pol-sur-Ternoise on...

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      The toponym is attested as Aisincurt in 1175, derived from a...

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      Azincourt is famous as being near the site of the battle...

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      The original battlefield museum in the village featured...

  2. Azincourt (novel) - Wikipedia

    Azincourt is an historical novel written by Bernard Cornwell. The book relates the events leading to the Battle of Agincourt , through its protagonist Nicholas Hook. In the United States, it was published under the title Agincourt.

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    After several decades of relative peace, the English had resumed the war in 1415 amid the failure of negotiations with the French. In the ensuing campaign, many soldiers died from disease, and the English numbers dwindled; they tried to withdraw to English-held Calais but found their path blocked by a considerably larger French army. Despite the disadvantage, the battle ended in an overwhelming tactical victory for the English. King Henry V of England led his troops into battle and participated

    The Battle of Agincourt is well documented by at least seven contemporary accounts, three from eyewitnesses. The approximate location of the battle has never been disputed, and the site remains relatively unaltered after 600 years.

    Henry V invaded France following the failure of negotiations with the French. He claimed the title of King of France through his great-grandfather Edward III of England, although in practice the English kings were generally prepared to renounce this claim if the French would acknowledge the English claim on Aquitaine and other French lands. He initially called a Great Council in the spring of 1414 to discuss going to war with France, but the lords insisted that he should negotiate further and mo

    The precise location of the battle is not known. It may be in the narrow strip of open land formed between the woods of Tramecourt and Azincourt. However, the lack of archaeological evidence at this traditional site has led to suggestions it was fought to the west of Azincourt. I

    Early on the 25th, Henry deployed his army across a 750-yard part of the defile. The army was divided into three groups, with the right wing led by Edward, Duke of York, the centre led by the king himself, and the left wing under the old and experienced Baron Thomas Camoys. The a

    The French army had 10,000 men-at arms plus some 4,000–5,000 miscellaneous footmen including archers, crossbowmen and shield-bearers, totaling 14,000–15,000 men. Probably each man-at-arms would be accompanied by a gros valet, an armed servant, adding up to another 10,000 ...

    On the morning of 25 October, the French were still waiting for additional troops to arrive. The Duke of Brabant, the Duke of Anjou, and the Duke of Brittany, were all marching to join the army. For three hours after sunrise there was no fighting. Military textbooks of the time s

    The French cavalry, despite being disorganised and not at full numbers, charged towards the longbowmen. It was a disastrous attempt. The French knights were unable to outflank the longbowmen and unable to charge through the array of sharpened stakes that protected the archers. Jo

    The plate armour of the French men-at-arms allowed them to close the 1,000 yards or so to the English lines while being under what the French monk of Saint Denis described as "a terrifying hail of arrow shot". A complete coat of plate was considered such good protection that shie

    The French had suffered a catastrophic defeat. In all, around 6,000 of their fighting men lay dead on the ground. The list of casualties, one historian has noted, "read like a roll call of the military and political leaders of the past generation". Among them were 90–120 great lords and bannerets killed, including three dukes, nine counts and one viscount, also an archbishop. Of the great royal office holders, France lost its constable, an admiral, the Master of Crossbowmen, Master of the ...

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    Agincourt may refer to: . Battle of Agincourt, a major English victory in the Hundred Years' War, at Azincourt, France

  5. Azincourt is a commune. It is found in the region Nord-Pas-de-Calais in the Pas-de-Calais department in the north of France . This short article about a place or feature in France can be made longer.

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    Azincourt (French pronunciation: ; heestorically, Agincourt / ˈ æ ʒ ɪ n k ʊ r / in Scots/Inglis) is a commune in the Pas-de-Calais depairtment in northren Fraunce. v t

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    História. Azincourt é famosa por ser o local da batalha de 25 de outubro de 1415, na qual o exército inglês comandado pelo rei Henrique V derrotou as forças comandadas por Charles d'Albret em nome de Carlos VI da França.

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    Azincourt je francúzska obec, ktorá sa nachádza v departemente Pas-de-Calais, v regióne Nord-Pas-de-Calais. Poloha. Obec má rozlohu 8,46 km². ...

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    La bataille d'Azincourt (en anglais : Battle of Agincourt) se déroule le 25 octobre 1415 pendant la guerre de Cent Ans.. Les troupes françaises, fortes d'environ 10 000 hommes [2], tentent de barrer la route à l'armée du roi d'Angleterre Henri V, forte d'environ 8 000 hommes [3] et qui tente de regagner Calais, devenue anglaise en 1347.

    • Victoire anglaise décisive
    • Clairière entre le bois d'Azincourt et celui de Tramecourt
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    Azincourt település Franciaországban, Pas-de-Calais megyében. Lakosainak száma 307 fő (2017. január 1.). +/-Azincourt Ruisseauville, Maisoncelle, Tramecourt ...

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