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    Birutė (died 1382) was the second wife of Kęstutis, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and mother of Vytautas the Great. There is very little known about Birutė's life, but after her death a strong cult developed among Lithuanians , especially in Samogitia .

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    Birutė Marija Filomena Galdikas, OC (born 10 May 1946), is a Lithuanian-Canadian anthropologist, primatologist, conservationist, ethologist, and author. She is a Professor at Simon Fraser University. In the field of primatology, Galdikas is recognized as a leading authority on orangutans.

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    The Birutė Society was the first cultural non-religious society of Prussian Lithuanians. Established in 1885 in Tilsit, East Prussia, the society was intermittently active until the outbreak of World War I. The society sought to preserve Lithuanian language and culture and protect them form Germanization. While it discussed linguistic and cultural subjects, the society never raised issues of social inequality or protested against the political regime of Kaiser Wilhelm II. The society...

    The Lithuanian Literary Society was established in Tilsit in 1879, but it took more academic interest in Lithuanian language and culture. The society considered that the Lithuanian culture was dying due to Germanization and sought to record and study it but took no steps in keepi

    The moribund society was revived in February 1895 for the celebration of its 10th anniversary. It organized a festival, attended by some 800 people, which included amateur theater performance of a play by Aleksandras Fromas-Gužutis about the Siege of Kaunas in 1362. It was ...

    After a failed event in February 1901, the society became barely active and a liquidation meeting was called for December 1903. However, the meeting instead elected new chairman Jonas Vanagaitis who revived the organization. However, until 1908 the society was not very active as

    In September 1911, Vanagaitis started publishing journal Birutė which began using the term Lithuania Minor more often, competing with previous preferred term Prussian Lithuania. This reflected a shift in the understanding of the term Lithuania. The society early on adopted the green–white–red flag that was historically used in the region; the flag eventually became the flag of Lithuania Minor. While the society promoted events and symbols from the history of the Grand Duchy of ...

    In March 1908, Birutė transferred its library and archaeological collection to the Lithuanian Scientific Society in Vilnius. At that time, the library had about 750 books, most of which were acquired via donations. The donors included linguists Jan Baudouin de Courtenay and Adalbert Bezzenberger, publishers of Aušra and Varpas, and others. About 61% of the books were in the Lithuanian language with German books accounting for 13%. The society did not have separate premises and stored the ...

    The society staged the following amateur plays: 1. 1895 and 1901: Išgriovimas Kauno pilies 1362 m. about the Siege of Kaunas by Aleksandras Fromas-Gužutis 2. 1896: Kova ties Žalgiriu about the Battle of Grunwald in 1410 by Jonas Grinius 3. 1897 and 1908: Ponas ir mužikai about serfdom by Aleksandras Fromas-Gužutis 4. 1898: Kęstutis about Grand Duke Kęstutis by Adam Asnyk 5. 1899: Pasiilgimas veldėtojo by Vydūnas 6. 1900: Amerika pirtyje, a comedy about a con artist, by brothers ...

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    Birutė Kalėdienė (née Zalogaitytė, Russian: Бируте Викторовна Каледене; born 2 November 1934, Baltrušiai, Marijampolė County) is a retired Lithuanian javelin thrower who won a silver medal for the Soviet Union at the 1958 European Championships. She competed at the 1960 and 1964 Olympics and finished in third and ...

    • 2 November 1934 (age 85), Baltrušiai, Lithuania
    • Birute Viktorovna Kaledene (Zalogaytite-), Бируте Викторовна Каледене (Залогайтите-)
    • 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in)
    • 77 kg (170 lb)
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    Birutė Ciplijauskaitė (11 April 1929 in Kaunas – 19 June 2017) was a Lithuanian literary scholar and translator. [1] [2] [3] The daughter of physician and gynecologist, director of Klaipeda hospital, she attended Kaunas Conservatory and fled Lithuania during World War II.

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    Birutė (m. 1382 m. Brasta, Lietuva) – Lietuvos didžiojo kunigaikščio Kęstučio antroji žmona, žymiausio Lietuvos valdovo Vytauto motina. Birutė yra kilusi iš Palangos, iš žemaičių bajorų giminės. Jos dėdė iš tėvo pusės buvo žemaičių didžiūnas Vidmantas.

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    Birutė oli ilmeisesti vasta Kęstutisin toinen vaimo, sillä tällä oli jo ennestään vanhempia lapsia. [1] Kęstutis hallitsi Liettuaa varsinaisen suuriruhtinas Algirdasin ohella, ja jälkimmäisen kuoltua vuonna 1377 valtaan nousi hänen poikansa ja kristillistämistä kannattanut Jogaila .

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    Birutė Vėsaitė LR Prezidentės Dalios Grybauskaitės dekretu paskirta 16-osios LR Vyriausybės ūkio ministre. Darbo pradžioje susidūrė su komunikacijos problemomis: Interviu 2013 m. sausio 8 d. Andriaus Tapino vestoje TV laidoje, ministrė painiojosi dėl ministerijos, kuriai vadovauja: Ūkio ar Energetikos.

  9. Birutė Marcinkevičiūtė – Vikipedijaė_Marcinkevičiūtė

    Birutė Marcinkevičiūtė, Mar (g.1969 m. kovo 23 d. Kaune) – Lietuvos aktorė, režisierė, choreografė, poetė.

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    Little was known about orangutan behaviour until the field studies of Birutė Galdikas, who became a leading authority on the apes. When she arrived in Borneo in 1971, Galdikas settled into a primitive bark-and-thatch hut at a site she dubbed Camp Leakey, in Tanjung Puting .