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    Bogdan II (1409 – 17 October 1451) was a prince of Moldavia from October 12, 1449 to October 17, 1451. Family. According to some historians, he is the bastard of Alexander the Good, his mother being unknown. On the contrary, according to the others, he is the Alexander the Good’s brother. Bogdan the II is the father of the Stephen the Great.

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    Bogdan II of Hum, Serbian Prince of Hum (fl. 1312) Bogdan (magnate), a Macedonian magnate confused with Vratko Nemanjić as a hero of Serbian epic poetry. Bogdan I of Moldavia, Voivode of Moldavia (r. 1359–1365), and the House of Bogdan-Muşat (Bogdania was an early name for the principality of Moldavia, named after Bogdan I)

    • male
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  3. Bogdan II was a prince of Moldavia from 1449 to 1451. The son of Alexandru the Good he married Maria-Oltea and was the father of Stephen the Great. In October 1451 he was invited to a wedding, but on the way was murdered in a conspiracy organized by his brother Petru Aron who took the throne.

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    Bogdan III the One-Eyed (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Chior) or Bogdan III the Blind (Romanian: Bogdan al III-lea cel Orb) (March 18, 1479 – April 20, 1517) was Voivode of Moldavia from July 2, 1504 to 1517.

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    Bogdan II of Moldavia ... Wikipedia: Name in native language: Богдан II: Date of birth: 1409: Date of death: 15 October 1451 Reuseni: Place of burial:

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    Bogdan II (1409-1451) was the Prince of Moldavia between October 12, 1449 and October 17, 1451, when he was assassinated by Petru Aron. The assassination put Moldavia into a civil war which lasted until his son Stephen gained the Moldavian throne in 1457.

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    Bogdan II era un principe della Moldavia dal 1449 al 1451. Il figlio di Alexandru del Buon sposò Maria-Oltea ed era il padre di Stefano il Grande.Nel mese di ottobre 1451 è stato invitato a un matrimonio, ma lungo la strada è stato assassinato in una congiura organizzata dal fratello Petru Aron che ha preso il trono.

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    Moldavia (Romanian: Moldova, pronounced or Țara Moldovei (in Romanian Latin alphabet), literally The Moldavian Country; in old Romanian Cyrillic alphabet: Цара Мѡлдовєй) is a historical region and former principality in Central and Eastern Europe, corresponding to the territory between the Eastern Carpathians and the Dniester River.

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    Vlad Dracula (who had lived in Moldavia during Bogdan II's reign) invaded Wallachia and seized the throne with the support of Hunyadi in 1456. [21] [ better source needed ] Stephen either accompanied Vlad to Wallachia during the military campaign or joined him after Vlad became the ruler of Wallachia.