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    Carloman II (c. 866 – 12 December 884) was the King of West Francia from 879 until his death. A member of the Carolingian dynasty, he and his elder brother, Louis III, divided the kingdom between themselves and ruled jointly until the latter's death in 882. Thereafter Carloman ruled alone until his own death.

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    Carloman II of France (c. 866 – 12 December 884), king of Western Francia, was the youngest son of King Louis the Stammerer and Ansgarde. He and his brother Louis III of France shared the kingship when their father died in 879. Carloman became sole king in 882 when his brother died. Carloman had problems with Viking raiders during

  3. Carloman II - Wikipedia

    Carloman II (c. 866 – 12 December 884), Keeng o Wastren Francie, wis the youngest son o King Louis the Stammerer an Ansgarde o Burgundy, an acame king, jyntly wi his brither Louis III o Fraunce, on his faither's daith in 879.

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  5. Carloman II of Burgundy - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    Carloman II of Burgundy(ca.750/751 - 771) was a Carolingian Frankish ruler, King of Burgundy and Neustria (768-771). His father was Pepin III.In 768, he inherited the south part of his father's kingdom.

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    Carlomán II (hacia 862 - 12 de diciembre de 884), rey de la Francia Occidental desde 879 a 884, asociado hasta 882 con su hermano Luis III, y en solitario desde entonces hasta su muerte. Era el primogénito del rey Luis II. Debió enfrentar las incursiones normandas y las revueltas de la nobleza en Borgoña.

    • Rey de Aquitania
    • Luis II de Francia (rey único tras la muerte de Luis III)
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    Carloman II (866 – 12 tháng 12 884), vua Tây Frank, con út của vua Louis Nói lắp và Ansgarde, cùng người em Louis III, trở thành vua nước Pháp sau khi vua cha qua đời năm 879. Một vài quý tộc ủng hộ ông trở thành vị vua duy nhất nhưng cuối cùng cả hai anh em đều lên ngôi.

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  9. Carloman of Bavaria - Wikipedia,_King_of_Bavaria
    • Overview
    • Early life
    • Guardian of the southeast frontier
    • Ruler of Italy
    • Ruler of Bavaria
    • Illness and death

    Carloman was a Frankish king of the Carolingian dynasty. He was the eldest son of Louis the German, king of East Francia, and Hemma, daughter of a Bavarian count. His father appointed him margrave of Pannonia in 856, and upon his father's death in 876 he became King of Bavaria. He was appointed by King Louis II of Italy as his successor, but the Kingdom of Italy was taken by his uncle Charles the Bald in 875. Carloman only conquered it in 877. In 879 he was incapacitated, perhaps by a stroke, an

    Carloman's birth date is unknown, but was probably around 828 or 830. His naming can be connected to his father's push to rule Alemannia around the time of his father's assembly of Worms in 829. The first member of the Carolingian dynasty named Carloman had ruled Alemannia in 741–48, and subjugated it to the Franks. Carloman was old enough to participate in the civil war of 840–43, waged between his father and his uncles, Lothair and Charles the Bald. His first record public appearance ...

    In 856, Louis first associated Carloman with his rule by appointing him prefect to the Pannonian March, the Bavarian borderland fronting Great Moravia and Lower Pannonia. He did not give Carloman the traditional prefect's seat at Tulln in Pannonia. Instead, according to the Annales Fuldenses, he was given the title "prefect of the Carantanians" and posted further south, in a more peripheral region, perhaps in a design to keep him from trying to seize power from his father. From 857 on Carloman a

    On 12 August 875, Louis II of Italy died and his kingdom was claimed by Louis the German for his sons Carloman and Charles and by Charles the Bald. Pope John VIII, dealing with the constant threat of raiders from Muslim Sicily, sided with Charles the Bald. Carloman led an army into Italy, where he granted a diploma to the monastery of San Clemente a Casauria, one of Louis II's most favoured houses. In the diploma Carloman declared himself Louis's chosen successor. According to the Annales Fulden

    In Bavaria, Carloman re-founded the palace and monastery at Ötting. He dedicated it to the Virgin Mary and "numerous other saints whose relics we were able to collect with God's help". He appointed his father's friend, the linguistic scholar Baldo, as his chancellor. In 878, he may have been the object of an assassination attempt. According to the Annales Iuvavenses, the king "was surrounded by Count Ermenpert and some of his soldiers" at Ergolding, but the count apparently fled to West ...

    Regarding Carloman's condition, the Annales Fuldenses record that he lost his voice, but was still able to communicate by writing. Regino of Prüm, writing in his chronicle for the year 880, recalls that he was "erudite in letters", which meant he could write Latin. Regino's entire encomium on Carloman goes: That most excellent king was learned in letters, devoted to the Christian religion, just, peaceful, and morally upright. The beauty of his body was exceptional, and his physical strength was

  10. Carloman I - Wikipedia

    Carloman I, also Karlmann (28 June 751 – 4 December 771) was king of the Franks from 768 until his death in 771. He was the second surviving son of Pepin the Short and Bertrada of Laon and was a younger brother of Charlemagne. His death allowed Charlemagne to take all of Francia and begin his expansion into other kingdoms.

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