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    Christina (Swedish: Kristina; 18 December 1626 – 19 April 1689), a member of the House of Vasa, was Queen of Sweden from 1632 until her abdication in 1654. [note 1] She succeeded her father Gustavus Adolphus upon his death at the Battle of Lützen , but began ruling the Swedish Empire when she reached the age of 18.

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      Charles X Gustav, also Carl Gustav (Swedish: Karl X Gustav;...

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      Ebba Larsdotter Sparre (1629 – 19 March 1662) was a Swedish...

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    Christina of Denmark (Danish: Kirstine Björnsdatter, Swedish: Kristina Björnsdotter; c. 1120/25 – c. 1160/70), was Queen of Sweden as the wife of King Eric "IX" (r. 1156-1160), and the mother of King Canute I of Sweden

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    From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Queen Christina of Sweden (Swedish: Kristina av Sverige; 18 December [ O.S. 8 December] 1626 – 19 April 1689), was the queen of Sweden from 1632 to 1654. She then resigned to become a Roman Catholic. She also liked humanities and had invited philosophers such as René Descartes in Sweden.

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    Queen Christina is a pre-Code Hollywood biographical film, produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer in 1933 by Walter Wanger and directed by Rouben Mamoulian. It stars Swedish-born actress Greta Garbo and John Gilbert in their fourth and last film together. The film portrays the life of Queen Christina of Sweden, who became monarch at the age of six in 1632 and grew to be a powerful and influential leader. As well as coping with the demands of being a war-leader during the Thirty Years' War, Queen Christ

    Queen Christina of Sweden is very devoted to her country and the welfare of her people. As queen, Christina favors peace for Sweden. She argues convincingly for an end to the Thirty Years' War, saying: Spoils, glory, flags and trumpets! What is behind these high-sounding words? Death and destruction, triumphals of crippled men, Sweden victorious in a ravaged Europe, an island in a dead sea. I tell you, I want no more of it. I want for my people security and happiness. I want to cultivate the art

    The film was released in December 1933. It was directed by Rouben Mamoulian and written by H. M. Harwood and Salka Viertel, with dialogue by S. N. Behrman, based on a story by Salka Viertel and Margaret P. Levino. Leading roles are played by Greta Garbo and John Gilbert, in his penultimate film. Gilbert died in January 1936 from heart attacks exacerbated by alcoholism. He had been a huge star in the silent era, but the enmity of studio head Louis B Mayer cast a pall over his career. Garbo hersel

    The film premiered on December 26, 1933 in New York City, and throughout 1934 in the rest of the world. Queen Christina turned out to be a success with the critics, gathering many positive reviews. Critic Mordaunt Hall, writing for The New York Times, gave the film a positive review and liked the screenplay, calling the dialogue "a bright and smooth piece of writing" and referred to Mamoulian's direction as "entrancing". Positive opinions came also from Modern Screen's Walter Ramsey, who proclai

    One of the most educated women of the 17th century and the guest of five consecutive popes in Rome, Queen Christina abdicated her throne and converted to Roman Catholicism. She is one of few women buried in the Vatican grotto. The Spanish connection in the film makes little sense except as a typical "Hollywood" distortion of history—unless it is understood as an allegory, with her love for Don Antonio representing her love of the intellectual life and her embrace of the Catholic faith.

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    Christina (18 December [O.S. 8 December] 1626 – 19 April 1689) was queen regnant of Sweden from 1632 to 1654, with the titles of Queen of the Swedes, Goths and Wends; Grand Princess of Finland, and Duchess of Estonia, Livonia and Karelia, Bremen-Verden, Stettin, Pomerania, Cassubia and Vandalia, Princess of Rugia, Lady of Ingria and of Wismar.

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    Christina of Denmark, Queen of Sweden (c. 1120/25–1170), Queen consort of Sweden, spouse of King Eric IX of Sweden; Christina Hvide (c. 1145–c. 1200), Queen consort of Sweden, spouse of King Charles VII of Sweden; Christina of Norway (died 1213), titular queen consort of Norway, spouse of co-regent King Philip Simonsson

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    Jan 25, 2021 · Christina, Queen of Sweden. queen of Sweden between 1632-1654. Upload media. Wikipedia. Date of birth. 7 December 1626. Stockholm Palace. Date of death. 9 April 1689.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Christina of Denmark ( Dan­ish: Kirsti­ne Björnsdatter, Swedish: Kristi­na Björnsdotter; c. 1120/25 – c. 1160/70), was Queen of Swe­den as the wife of King Eric "IX" (r. 1156-1160), and the mother of King Canute I of Swe­den .

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