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    The Joker later met the Chechen in a container ship with Lau and was given his reward: half the Mob's smuggled money, which Joker then doused with Petrol, and set alight with the Chechen's cigar, with Lau on top of the burning money pile. Joker then betrayed the Chechen and took control of his men.

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    The Joker kills Lau and the Chechen, burns his half of the mob's money and takes over the Chechen's gang. To prevent Wayne Enterprises M&A law accountant Coleman Reese ( Joshua Harto ) from revealing Batman's secret identity on TV, the Joker announces that he will blow up a hospital if Reese is not dead within 60 minutes.

    • The Dark Knight (2008)
    • The Dark Knight (2008)
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    The Joker is a super villain created by Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson. This is a chronological list consisting of all The Joker's kills in his appearances since April 25th, 1940 in all the universes in Detective Comics, as well as his appearances in films, tv shows, and other media. 1 Comics 1.1 Batman Vol 1 #1 1.1.1 The Joker 1.1.2 Joker Returns 1.2 Batman Vol 1 #2 1.3 Detective ...

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    The Joker then told that his plan to kill the Batman, and the Chechen, along all of his fellow mobsters only laughed, until the Joker exposed Lau's lies in front of the whole team, which prompted him, amongst all of them, to consider a proper alliance with the Joker until the terrorist fled the scene. Alliance with the Joker I put word out.

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    The Joker burned his half of an immense mound of US dollars, which happened to be holding the mobsters' half on top of it, and betrayed the Chechen by having his own men join him, and possibly execute their former boss; also possibly involving cutting him up into tiny pieces and feeding them to his beloved rottweilers. There are only four thugs.

  7. What happened to Lau in The Dark Knight?

    The Joker kills Lau and the Chechen, burns his half of the mob's money and takes over the Chechen's gang. Beside above, did they burn real money in the Dark Knight? This burnt money was used in the filming of "Batman: The Dark Knight". Used in the scene when the Joker (Heath Ledger) burns a huge pile of money in the Gotham city Warehouse. This ...

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    Later, pretending to be dead, the Joker killed Gambol by slicing his mouth with a knife the same way his father did to him, taking over his empire. The next day, after learning that Batman has retrieved Lau, Maroni and the Chechen decided on the Joker's offer while recently-elected district attorney Harvey Dent prosecuted

  9. Why the Joker didn't kill anyone at Bruce's fundraiser (x ...

    The joker killed almost everyone he came in contact with in that movie. He killed Rachael. Lau, Chechen, Gambol, all of his henchman by design, commissioner Loeb and convinced two face to kill Wuertz and Ramirez and Maroni. He also tried to blow up all the prisoners in blackgate.

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    Jan 03, 2009 · The Joker was playing the mob and the police against each other. He needed the fear of Lau's testimony to control the mob and get them to work with him. The Joker also saved Lao to draw in the Chechen. Once he had the Chechen, the Joker could kill him and take control of the Chechen's mob. Remember, Joker's immortal line: "Tell your men they ...

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    The Chechen: [During a private sit down meeting with the gangsters] What do you propose? The Joker: It's simple. We, uh, kill the Batman. [mobsters laugh] Salvatore Maroni: If it's so simple, why haven't you done it already? The Joker: If you're good at something, never do it for free.