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  1. Frankfurt U-Bahn - Wikipedia

    The Frankfurt U-Bahn is a Stadtbahn system serving Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. Together with the Rhine-Main S-Bahn and the Frankfurt Straßenbahn, it forms the backbone of the public transport system in Frankfurt. Its name derives from the German term for underground, Untergrundbahn.

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  2. U-Bahn Frankfurt – Wikipedia

    Die U-Bahn Frankfurt ist das Stadtbahnsystem der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und nach der S-Bahn Rhein-Main und vor der Straßenbahn Frankfurt am Main wichtigster Verkehrsträger des öffentlichen Personennahverkehrs in der Stadtregion Frankfurt. Die U-Bahn wird täglich von fast 400.000 Fahrgästen benutzt.

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  4. Frankfurt U-Bahn - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ...

    The Frankfurt U-Bahn is an underground railway network in the city of Frankfurt, Germany. It is run by the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt, short VGF. It has 9 lines and a network of 65 kilometers (40 miles) and has exactly 86 stations, apart 27 underground and 59 above ground.

  5. U-Bahn Line A (Frankfurt U-Bahn) - Wikipedia
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    The A line is the north-to-south main line of the Frankfurt U-Bahn. It is the oldest and longest line of the U-Bahn system. Served by four routes starting at Südbahnhof Railway Station in Sachenhausen, the A line runs through downtown Frankfurt up to Heddernheim Station in the north of the city, where it branches out to Ginnheim, Oberursel, Riedberg and Bad Homburg. The U9 service between Ginnheim, Riedberg and Nieder-Eschbach does not use the central section and tunnels of the line...

    The Line A with its three connecting lines covers about half of the Frankfurt subway network and combines various upgrade standards, linking subway, elevated rail, railway and light rail sections. The Line A is the most important north–south axis in city traffic and runs from the South Station through the city and the Eschersheimer highway to Heddernheim. There it divides into two branches, which lead to Oberursel and Bad Homburg. The part of the line jointly operated by the lines U1, U2 ...

    The A-line starts at the Südbahnhof in the district of Sachsenhausen. The South Station is an important hub of local and regional transport. Long-distance trains, the regional trains of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, the S-Bahn trains to Langen and Darmstadt, city and ...

    The subway passes, coming from the Main, the Nice and the Jewish Museum, in order to reach the level of the urban stages, the New Mainzer Straße. This North-Main continuation of the Swiss road is the main axis of the Frankfurt financial district, a worth seeing street ...

    The Eschersheimer Landstraße, the main northern arterial road of the city, begins at Eschenheimer Tor. In its first section, it forms the border between the Gründerzeit inner-city districts of Westend and Northrend and is comparatively narrow and winding. Here are three ...

    During the construction of the tunnels for subway line A, different methods were used over the years. The easiest way was the construction of the section in the northwest city, since here the subway line had been taken into account as planned and was built together with the other buildings. The first phase of construction and its later extension to Theaterplatz were still completely open-plan. For this purpose, a correspondingly deep excavation pit was dug and secured with the aid of numerous st

  6. List of Frankfurt U-Bahn stations - Wikipedia

    System map of Frankfurt U-Bahn network (2011) The following list is of all 86 stations on the Frankfurt U-Bahn . The Frankfurt U-Bahn network consists of nine lines operating on 64.85 kilometres (40.3 mi) of route.

    Alte Oper
    11 October 1986
    Bockenheimer Warte
    11 October 1986
    27 May 1978
    Bonames Mitte
    18 December 1971
  7. U-Bahn Line C (Frankfurt U-Bahn) - Wikipedia
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    The Line C is a line on the Frankfurt U-Bahn. It consists of the U6 and the U7. At the time of the line's inauguration in 1986, it ran from Enkheim to the Hauptwache and then continued along the Bockenheimer Landstrasse all the way up to Bockenheim and then continued to their terminus in Hausen for U7, whereas for U6, it then continued to their terminus in Praunheim.

    The longer of the two branches of the line is used by the line U6 and is located on the median strip of the usually two-lane Ludwig-Landmann-Straße, which serves as an entry and exit road. The line, on which until 1986 the tram line 22 reversed, was already extended in the 1970s

    The western end of the U7 runs at ground level on the central strip of the street on high way through the district Hausen. Unlike the route to the army road, it was only inaugurated in 1986, the railway line and received its own railway body and elevated platforms. The former her

    The two western branch lines from Hausen and Praunheim converge in the Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Steuben-Straße and reach the station Industriehof. The station is located on the eastern edge of the industrial park Industriehof in the amount of Insterburger Straße. South of the ...

    Currently there are plans to extend the branch of the U6 from the Ostbahnhof along the Hanauer Landstraße to the Ratswegkreisel. Subsequently, the district of Fechenheim is to be reached on the current tram line in central position of the Hanauer highway. The planning is in some competition with the construction of the North-Main S-Bahn line to Hanau, because instead of the S-Bahn also an extension of the U6 to Hanau is possible. Since the city has decided in favor of the North-Main S-Bahn ...

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  8. U-Bahn Line B (Frankfurt U-Bahn) - Wikipedia
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    The U-Bahn Line B is the second route in the network of the Frankfurt U-Bahn. It leads in west-east direction from the central railway station over the old town to Konstablerwache, where it splits into two branches to Bornheim and Preungesheim. Originally planned as an independent main line, the D line represents an extension of the U4 to Bockenheimer Warte from the central railway station. The northern branch to Preungesheim was opened in 1974 as B1 and operates since May 1978 as line U5. A lar

    The B-line can be divided into three sections: in the common line used by the lines U4 and U5 between the main train station and Konstablerwache and in two route branches, in which the trunk line branches out at the Konstablerwache. Shortly after this central station leaves the U5 Scheffeleck the B-line and the tunnel, while the U4 continues in the direction of Bornheim. The densely built downtown area is not left. Until the former final stop Seckbacher Landstraße the route runs completely ...

    Construction of the B line began on June 28, 1966, exactly three years after the first line. After a ceremony and a laying of the foundation stone in the underground station Miquel- / Adickesallee, where 1963 the first Rammschlag took place, the participants, including Lord Mayor

    The tunnel of the B-line was extended in 1978 by a station: For the tenth anniversary of the Frankfurt subway their network finally reached the central railway station. From the Theaterplatz, the new tunnel ran along the Gutleutstrasse a little to the west, until it turned off fr

    The two years later commissioned route from the Konstablerwache to Bornheim already belongs to a second construction phase. The four new underground stations, Merianplatz, Höhenstraße, Bornheim-Mitte and Seckbacher Landstraße, are simply designed. All four carry ceramic ...

    Only a few changes have been made to the subway's B line since it opened. The subway station Dom / Römer was rebuilt in the 1990s and received a rotunda in the access level. In the central railway station of the central railway station, the 30-year-old, wall-hung photographs from Frankfurt were replaced by new pictures. The barrier-free expansion of the main line began on 23 January 2015 at the stations Bockenheimer Warte and Festhalle / Messe. While at the fair, analogous to the C-track ...

    The aboveground section of the line U5 receives instead of the recent Tiefbahnsteige barrier-free Hochbahnsteige. So far, the conversion or new construction of the stations Sigmund-Freud-Straße, Ronneburgstraße, Theobald-Ziegler-Straße, Gießener Straße and Marbachweg ...

    In order to connect the Europaviertel on the site of the former main freight station, the line U5 will be extended to Europaviertel West. In the past, there was a lot of discussion as to whether this should be done on the boulevard as an overground tram or light rail or as an und

    The line U5 is to be extended from its current terminus in Preungesheim to the Frankfurt mountain. At the new terminus, a direct transition to the S-Bahn station Frankfurter Berg on the S6 line is planned. The route should run on its own route along the Homburger highway. In addi

    • 04:08 AM – 01:08 AM, Every 5 min. (RH), Every 7/8 min. (MD), Every 15 min. (N)
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  9. Frankfurt U-Bahn -

    The Frankfurt U-Bahn, together with the Rhine-Main S-Bahnand the Frankfurt Straßenbahn, forms the backbone of the public transportsystem of Frankfurt, Hesse, Germany. Its name derives from the German term for underground, Untergrundbahn.

  10. U-Bahn-Strecke A (Frankfurt am Main) – Wikipedia

    Streckenlänge: 35,1 km, davon Tunnel 5,5 km Spurweite:: 1435 mm (): Eröffnung: 4. Oktober 1968 (1.Teilabschnitt) Linien: Stationen: 40 + 2 (auf D-Strecke angebunden

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