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    The German Confederation (German: Deutscher Bund) was an association of 39 predominantly German-speaking sovereign states in Central Europe, created by the Congress of Vienna in 1815 as a replacement of the former Holy Roman Empire, which had been dissolved in 1806.

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    The German Confederation lasted until 1866, when the members fought each other. The winners formed a new North German Confederation . In 1871 after winning the Franco-Prussian War , Otto von Bismarck , chancellor of Prussia , combined all the countries of Germany into the German Empire .

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    The German Confederation (German: Deutscher Bund) wis a luise association o 39 German states in Central Europe, creatit bi the Congress o Vienna in 1815 tae coordinate the economies o separate German-speakin kintras an tae replace the umwhile Haly Roman Empire.

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    The German Trade Union Confederation (German: Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund; DGB) is an umbrella organisation (sometimes known as a national trade union center) for eight German trade unions, in total representing more than 6 million people (31 December 2011).

    • Germany
    • 6.0 million
    • 12 October 1949
    • Reiner Hoffmann (SPD), president
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    (Redirected from President of the German Confederation This article is about monarchs ruling over all of Germany. For the much more numerous monarchs ruling territories within Germany, see List of states in the Holy Roman Empire , Princes of the Holy Roman Empire , and List of historic states of Germany .

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    The Reichstag of the North German Confederation was then replaced by the Reichstag of the German Empire, with new elections scheduled for March 3, 1871. References Edit ^ Werner Pöls: Historisches Lesebuch Volume 1: 1815–1871 (Frankfurt 1966), p. 309–311.

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    With the dissolution of the German Confederation in 1866 and the founding of the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) in 1871, the Reichstag was established as the German parliament in Berlin, which was the capital of the then Kingdom of Prussia (the largest and most influential state in both the Confederation and the empire). Two decades later, the ...

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