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  1. Hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › Hip_hop_music

    Hip hop music was influenced by disco music, as disco also emphasized the key role of the DJ in creating tracks and mixes for dancers, and old school hip hop often used disco tracks as beats. At the same time however, hip hop music was also a backlash against certain subgenres of late 1970s disco.

  2. Hip hop - Wikipedia › wiki › Hip_hop

    Hip hop music has spawned dozens of subgenres which incorporate hip hop music production approaches, such as sampling, creating beats, or rapping. The diversification process stems from the appropriation of hip hop culture by other ethnic groups.

  3. 2021 in hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › 2021_in_hip_hop_music

    This article summarizes the events, album releases, and album release dates in hip hop music for the year 2021. Events January. On January 1, Swae Lee and Mike ...

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  5. Hip hop - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Hip_hop

    Hip hop is a type of culture/art style that started in the 1970s in the Bronx. It began in Jamaican American, African American, and Puerto Rican / Hispanic and Latino American urban areas in some of the larger cities of the United States. Hip hop uses rapping, where the rapper or group chants or says words with a rhythm that rhymes.

  6. 2014 in hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › 2014_in_hip_hop_music

    Hip hop group G-Unit, composed of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo, officially reunited on June 1, 2014. On May 31, OTF NuNu, a member of Lil Durk's OTF crew, was shot and killed in Chicago.

    Release Date
    Artist (s)
    Record label (s)
    January 2
    Baracuda & Modulok
    Fishgang, Takaba
    January 2
    Duncwills Entertainment
    January 7
    Tha Alumni Music Group, 88 Classic, RCA ...
    January 9
    Burgundy Fats ( Self Jupiter )
    The Legend of 1900
    Voila Entertainment, AugustBouy Music, ...
  7. Wikipedia:Requested articles/music - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:Requested

    Melée Recording Group (MRG) - Independent Hip Hop label from Birmingham, UK. Founded in 2015 by Hip Hop artist Synikall (Chris Brown) and Nathaniel Thompson & represent Trademark Blud (Hip Hop), Lady Sanity (Hip Hop), Franklin Armstrong (Hip Hop), TZ (UK Garage/House) & Synikall (Hip Hop). Merck Movement Entertainment - ; Kansas City-based

  8. 2013 in hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › 2013_in_hip_hop_music

    It is the highest number for a hip-hop album in Germany for the last five years. [8] According to Billboard, Jay-Z and his Roc Nation imprint signed a “worldwide publishing administration deals with Warner/Chappell Music,” giving Jay-Z the rights back to his music post- Def Jam ( The Blueprint 3 , Watch The Throne ) as well as future works ...

    Release Date
    Record label(s)
    January 4
    Bluestamp Music Group
    January 4
    Twenties Hungry: The Unbound Anthems of ...
    January 15
    A$AP Worldwide, Polo Grounds, RCA ...
    January 15
    Bass for Your Face
  9. 1998 in hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › 1998_in_hip_hop_music

    This article summarizes the events, album releases, and album release dates in hip hop music for the year 1998. List of years in hip hop music

  10. Pakistani hip hop music - Wikipedia › wiki › Pakistani_hip_hop_music
    • Overview
    • History
    • Genre development

    Pakistani hip hop is a music genre in Pakistan influenced heavily from merging American hip hop style beats with Pakistani poetry. The genre was initially dominated in English and Punjabi, but in recent years has expanded to Urdu, Sindhi, Pashto, and Balochi. Pakistani hip hop music Stylistic origins Hip hop Pakistani music Urdu Cultural originsEarly 1990s Typical instrumentsVocals – turntables – sampler – keyboards Subgenres Punjabi Rap, Sindhi Rap, Pashto Rap, Balochi Rap Other...

    The contemporary hip hop and rap movement in Pakistan grew out of the globalization of American hip hop in the early 1990s. Some Pakistani artists began experimenting with rap and hip hop as early as 1993 when Fakhar-e-Alam released his first album Rap Up, where his single Bhangra Pao is commonly acknowledged as the "first rap song in Pakistan". In particular, the rise in popularity of Eminem in the late 1990s and 50 Cent in the early 2000s influenced many of today's hip hop artists in Pakistan

    Pakistani hip hop music is still an emerging genre. Since the early 90s, hip hop music has trended slowly from underground English scenes to regional Punjabi rap in the early 2000s, before branching out into various other languages. By the late 2000s, Punjabi rap began influencing non-Punjabi speakers to experiment with hip hop in other Pakistani languages, thus leading to new Sindhi and Pashto hip hop scenes. Urdu rap artists tried initially but failed to make a mark on the Pakistan hip hop sce

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