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    • Use the Things You Have to Help Someone Without Them. Want to be a true superhero? This is the most important step. At its foundation, a superhero uses the things that they have to help those who don’t have them.
    • Keep Yourself Healthy. You can’t be a superhero and not take at least take some care of your body. Unless you’re like Bruce Banner, and can transform into Lou Ferrigno when you spill the table salt, it’s a good idea to invest in your body.
    • Pick Your Fight. Every superhero has a battle. Something that drives them to be the person they are. That gives them not just a want to help people, but a reason why.
    • Stay Optimistic. Superheroes can be labeled many things, but pessimistic isn’t one of them. They retain a clear sense of optimism and a will to succeed regardless of whatever is thrown their way.
  1. Answer (1 of 31): If a real-life superhero existed, their Youtube channel would become very popular with animators. Everyone would speculate on how this person managed to produce all those cool effects.

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    • Comic Books. Many RLSH are obviously influenced by comic books but since they are unlike their comic book counterparts, such as DC Comics' Superman, a superhero with superpowers, many of them take examples from fictional superheroes like Marvel Comics' Iron Man, who does not have any superpowers, and other such vigilante characters.
    • Superhero Movies. The RLSH community started to gain online momentum after the release of the movie Kick-Ass, which is an adaptation of a comic book series that focuses on a regular teenager who tries to become a superhero and eventually does.
    • Internet Culture. The RLSH community arose due to the advent of the internet, making it easy for those with previously obscure hobbies or lifestyles to connect and exchange knowledge.
    • Precursors to the RLSH. With the many various forms a RLSH can take on, the RLSH movement is likely most directly influenced by the activist, costumed entertainer, vigilante traditions, which can be characterized by precursors to the RLSH such as The Fox, Captain Sticky, and the Guardian Angels.
  3. I agree. DC's heroes (especially Superman) are too OP for me to ever trust in the real world, and that's not even going into the 101 reasons why I hated Man of Steel. Marvel has SHIELD, and even without them, many "everyday people" end up being mutants. It's a lot easier to regulate and check, and thus, ends up being safer, in my opinion.

    • PHOENIX JONES. Phoenix Jones is perhaps the most famous real-life superhero in the world, due to his also being a mixed martial arts fighter of some renown within the World Series of Fighting.
    • SHADOW HARE. From Cincinnati Ohio, Shadow Hare wears a black suit with a white hare’s face on the front. Trained in Shōrin-ryū karate and mixed martial arts, he carries around handcuffs, mace and a taser for protection.
    • DARK GUARDIAN. Dark Guardian is a real-life superhero like no other, because he even has his own superhero academy. Another American on the list, Dark Guardian is also known as Chris Pollak and he does not hide behind a mask or secret identity.
    • CAPTAIN AUSTRALIA. Captain Australia is a celebrity crime fighter from Brisbane, Australia. His outfit is similar to that of Captain America, but instead is in the Australian green and yellow colors with an @ sign in the middle of his chest.
  4. Dec 01, 2016 · From Wonder Woman to Doctor Strange, superheroes are at peak popularity. As political orthodoxies across the world fall away, these flawed, but good-hearted characters speak to modern anxieties.

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