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    • What was the first mission of the Kamikaze Special Attack Force?

      • On 25 October 1944, during the Battle of Leyte Gulf, the Kamikaze Special Attack Force carried out its first mission. Five A6M Zeros, led by Seki, were escorted to the target by leading Japanese ace Hiroyoshi Nishizawa, and attacked several escort carriers.
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    Kamikaze (神風, pronounced [kamiꜜkaze]; "divine wind" or "spirit wind"), officially Shinpū Tokubetsu Kōgekitai (神風特別攻撃隊, "Divine Wind Special Attack Unit"), were a part of the Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels in the closing stages of the Pacific campaign of World War II ...

  2. Kamikaze pilots were officially members of the "Special Attack Corps." The pilots wore a special ceremonial uniform, white scarfs and a headband that said "Kamikaze." Many kept a samurai sword and picture of the Emperor with them in the cockpit. At first, during the early missions in 1944, pilots vied among themselves for the opportunity to die ...

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  4. Their answer to turn the tides of war was a unique Navy unit called Tokubetsu Kogekitai, which means “Special Attack Unit.” But they were better known as kamikazes, which means “divine wind.” The division consisted of volunteers who would purposely crash into American warships. Here are 10 interesting facts about those men. 10.

  5. Nov 19, 2014 · According to the U.S. Air Force, nearly three thousand kamikaze attacks took place, managing to damage 368 ships, sinking 34 of them, while killing 4,900 navy soldiers and wounding another 4,800, but with only about 14% of attacking kamikaze pilots managing to hit a ship.

  6. "Kamikaze" thus referred only to an unspecified rescue from the greatest need. For the later organized operation, the Japanese Navy used the term "Tokubetsu Kōgekita" (special attack), in short "Tokko Tai" or "Tokko", in the army "Shimbu Tai".

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    The naval air force was the first to devise a successful Special Attack Force, as suicide units in Japan are called. With typical Japanese mixture of science and voodoo, the Jap navy called the first unit Kamikaze , or Divine Wind, after a gale which, in 1570 during the Yuan dynasty, considerately [ 3 ] wrecked a Mongol fleet which was bearing down on the Japanese islands with intent to invade.

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