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  1. However, this behavior may vary across different Python versions, and it depends on the dictionary’s history of insertions and deletions. In Python 2.7, dictionaries are unordered structures. The order of the dictionaries’ items is scrambled. This means that the order of the items is deterministic and repeatable. Let’s see an example: >>>

  2. Some different colours and shapes of pasta in a pasta specialty store in Venice There are many different varieties of pasta . [1] They are usually sorted by size, being long ( pasta lunga ), short ( pasta corta ), stuffed ( ripiena ), cooked in broth ( pastina ), stretched ( strascinati ) or in dumpling-like form ( gnocchi/gnocchetti ).

  3. Why are there no recent illustrative quotations for many words in common use? If an entry goes back to the first edition of the OED (1884-1928) the quotation evidence will reflect the material available to the editors at the time of writing, and can be surprisingly close to the date of publication.

  4. There is one count that puts the English vocabulary at about 1 million words — but that count presumably includes words such as Latin species names, prefixed and suffixed words, scientific terminology, jargon, foreign words of extremely limited English use and technical acronyms. Urdu: 264,000

  5. different definition: 1. not the same: 2. used when you think someone or something is unusual or shows bad judgment: 3…. Learn more.

  6. Nevertheless, the different kinds of offerings and sacrifices serve as metaphors to illustrate the various purposes and complete efficacy of Jesus' death on the cross. Jesus as our "Passover sacrifice." There are many possible references to Jesus as a Passover sacrifice in the New Testament.

  7. belief definition: 1. the feeling of being certain that something exists or is true: 2. something that you believe…. Learn more.

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