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  1. Jewish Haifa was well established during the Second Temple period, and it is mentioned over a hundred times in the Talmud. Jewish residents valiantly resisted the Crusader conquest in 1101 CE for over eight months. When the city fell, they were slaughtered by the furious Crusaders.

    • Doron Kornbluth
  2. 11 cool facts about Haifa you most likely don't know › blog › cool-facts-about-haifa

    Aug 10, 2020 · Haifa’s well-known Mount Carmel (which suffered one of the worst fires in the history of Israel a few years ago), and Haifa’s Kishon River, are both mentioned in the Torah. The only city in Israel that has a subway is Haifa, and it is a very special one. Haifa’s subway is on an incline, just like the city itself.

  3. Every animal in the Torah is stuffed into this biblical ... › every-animal-in-the-torah

    Nov 04, 2018 · All 1,100 species mentioned in the Bible and Talmud can be found at the Torah Animal World museum in New York City. (Micah B. Rubin/ Times of Israel) “Giraffe meat is very tough,” Deutsch says ...

  4. CrimethInc. : The Revolt in Haifa: An Eyewitness Report › 2021/05/29 › the-revolt-in-haifa-an
    • Background
    • Timeline of The Revolt
    • The Youth Move Forward
    • Appendix: A Beginners’ Field Guide to Israeli Fascism

    The best place to start taking about 48 Palestine and Palestine in general is the Nakba(“catastrophe” in Arabic), in which Zionist occupation militias invaded the land in 1948, destroyed villages, massacred the local population, and caused mass expulsion and displacement, leading to one of the biggest refugee crises in history. About 700,000 people left the land, never able to return. Many of them are still aspiring to return to their or their ancestors’ homeland. Not far away from where I live in Haifa, in a road leading from the Hadar neighborhood to downtown, the attack on Arabic Haifa began. Zionist militants rolled explosive barrels down the road to bomb Arab neighborhoods. The steep geography of the city was to their advantage, as from up in the hills, they could attack the Arab neighborhoods located below. Only recently, as I started to really learn the untold history of this city, did I find out all the horror stories. In the Zionist indoctrination in school, you are only ta...

    This timeline will concentrate mainly on events in Haifa, but will mention important events in other cities that were central to the current uprising, including Jerusalem/Al-Quds, Lydd, Akko, Jaffa, and Ramle. Some events will be missing. I’m not a journalist; this might not be perfect, but these are the events as I experienced them. As I’m writing this, the situation has “calmed down,” but events are still occurring, Gaza is a living hell, fascists are still attacking people in small groups, and state repression campaigns are ongoing.

    The Palestinians feel betrayed and abandoned by the world. People only remember them when there’s an ongoing genocidal campaign, and even then, everybody is busy talking about how “complicated” the situation is. I’m not sure if they have anyone to trust, including their own “leadership.” The Shabab, the youth fighting in the streets, the kids erecting barricades against the police and setting trash bins on fire, are completely alienated from any form of political force; they work in small informal groups, and many of them don’t give a fuck about politics at all. They come from the far edges of Palestinian society in 48, the direct consequence of the Zionist attempt to reduce this society to internal chaos. They are gangsters, drug dealers, outlaws of any kind, youth without a future from the poorest villages, towns, and neighborhoods of 48 Palestine, the lumpenproletariat, and—the most important thing—they are completely uncontrollable. The traditional politics of organizations, pol...

    Much like the American and European far right, Israeli fascists became much more decentralized over the last few years, going from big organizations to informal organizing, mainly online and via apps like Telegram. Many of the mobs and mobilizations to attack Palestinians during the revolts don’t have names, or else the names changed constantly, as they went underground once they were exposed. I will still mention the big and well-known organizations, as they continue to be a force in mobilizations, spreading the propaganda of hate and serving as a gateway to more underground ways of organizing. I think it’s important for people abroad to be familiar with Israeli far-right groups, organizations, symbols, and ideologies, because they operate in Jewish communities everywhere. It’s a good way to keep our communities safe and to provide protection and solidarity to local Palestinians and refugees. Kahanism—An extremist Jewish ideology named after rabbi Meir Kahane, an American rabbi act...

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    students should be mentioned here. But the real breakthrough occurred in 1982 when the computer was put to work in this direction. Here most of the credit should be given to Dr Eli Rips of the Institute of Mathematics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Rips was joined by Dr. Moshe Katz of the Haifa Technion and later by Doron Viztum of ...

  6. The Elephant in the Room that No One is Noticing - The ... › news › headlines-breaking

    May 13, 2021 · Today – 2 Sivan – is the Ahavas Yisroel’s yahrtzeit; the very same Ahavas Yisroel mentioned above in connection with the fires in Kiryat Vishnitz, Haifa.

  7. The Truth About Self-Interest | Jewish & Israel News ... › 2021/02/19 › the-truth-about

    Feb 19, 2021 · Israel’s University of Haifa to Help Decode the Language of Whales in Global, Machine Learning Research Project ... the Torah is offering an even greater insight, one that is reflected in the ...

  8. Gilgal: YHWH’s Footprints in the Land of Israel - the Torah › article › gilgal-yhwhs-footprints

    Sep 04, 2020 · Prepare to cross the Jordan, together with all this people, into the land that I am giving to the Israelites. 1:3 Every spot on which your foot treads I give to you, as I promised Moses. Thus, Zertal argues, the giant footprints might represent the footprints of YHWH, and express the deity’s presence on earth.

  9. Why Is the Sojourner Listed After the Livestock? - › article › why-is-the-sojourner

    Feb 14, 2017 · However, the position in the list where the geris mentioned is surprising. Up until the mention of the ger , the logic of the order is clear. First comes the Israelite, followed by the son, daughter, then slaves, and then, having covered people, the law moves on to livestock, following which, [5] the list surprisingly goes back and finishes off ...

  10. Metaphors in the Torah: "The Circumcism of Abraham" - The ... › Blogs › Torah-Commentaries

    Feb 26, 2016 · The circumcism is the sign that the Jewish descendant of Abraham makes to show that he has accepted the terms of the agreement, similar to a mark in a ball of red wax made by a signet ring. Since ...

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