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  1. Jun 29, 2021 · Creating a superhero can be a fun way to build a story and a character to write about. Even if you only have a few ideas at first, you can take those small ideas and make them into something great. Part 1 Choosing Your Superhero’s Traits

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  2. Jun 23, 2011 · I wrote a story years ago about a girl who used the happened-on-a-situation-and-saved-the-day method to become a real-life version of a superhero (one of the only long stories I actually finished). If it helps at all, it worked out pretty well. It was the only part of the story I look back on and don't cringe about.

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  4. How to Make a Superhero (with Pictures) - wikiHow › Make-a-Superhero

    Apr 03, 2021 · From the Joker to Doctor Octopus to Magneto, good villains are just as important to a comic book story as a superhero. Think of opposites. If your superhero is a nuclear-powered garbage collector, maybe his arch-nemesis would be the evil surgeon, who lives in an incredibly sterile lab and never goes outside.

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  5. 4 Reasons Anyone Who Says 'Superman Is A Boring Superhero' Is ... › article_29610_4-reasons-anyone
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    • Some Of His Best Stories Don't Even Involve Powers (That Much) The Complaint: "Nice try, Cracked, but I still think he's too powerful! Also I don't know why I'm shouting every sentence, please help me!
    • He Isn't Just Wish-Fulfillment; He's Aspirational. The Complaint: Continue Reading Below. Advertisement. "He's just a power fantasy! Grow up and read about more complex characters, like the suave super-spy who has sex with lots of attractive women!
    • He Continually Ups The Stakes ... For ALL Superheroes (Even In Other Companies) The Complaint: Continue Reading Below. Advertisement. "Dude's got it too easy!
    • His Powers Aren't Random: He's A Walking Catalogue Of Active Superpowers. The Complaint: "Why does Superman have to have so many powers, anyway?! Look at Batman, he's got none and he's cool!
  6. Bounce #3 Provides A Good, Less Censored, Superhero Story ... › bounce-3-provides-a-good-less

    Jul 30, 2013 · It is not the shock value of these elements that make the story entertaining, but the story itself. However, there is no question that the components listed above exist in our world today, and the fact that this series does not hide from that gives the story a very natural and down to earth pace. The story itself is compelling and easy to follow.

  7. How Do You Tell a Good Story in an Open World RPG? - ComicsVerse › make-good-story-open-world-rpg

    Apr 14, 2017 · A good story creates an open-ended origin for the player and allows them to flesh it out during character creation or dialogue. DRAGON AGE: ORIGINS is perhaps the best example of backstory freedom. Not only does your race, gender, class, and social status affect how your story begins, but the first chapter of the game is dedicated to these ...

  8. How to Write a Good Character: 7 Positive Character Traits ... › articles › how-to-write-a-good
    • Dependability: A dependable character makes a good leader, giving others someone reliable they can trust. A good character is someone who is always there to support the important people in their life, and doesn’t break their promises.
    • Kindness: Doing nice things for others without an expectation of anything in return is a good trait that shows an admirable brand of selflessness, setting an example and becoming a role model for others.
    • Empathy: A good character is empathetic in nature—they have the ability to relate to those around them. Their ability to put themselves in another’s shoes makes them compassionate and considerate, qualities that makes the character more relatable to the audience.
    • Courage: Courageousness takes on many forms, and whether it’s a final showdown between the good character and the bad character, a parent going back to school, or a suffragette leading a movement, people admire those who will brave any adversity, and stand up for what they believe in.
  9. style - How to avoid overdoing deconstructive tendencies in ... › questions › 56525

    Jul 19, 2021 · Deconstruction can be good; indeed, any new work must subvert at least some elements of its predecessors to avoid telling the same stories (e.g., Spider-Man subverted a lot of the superhero tropes that were common up until its time), but overdoing it results in a work that no one wants to read. E.g., I noted that if I really wanted to take ...

  10. 105 Creative Writing Prompts to Try Out › creative-writing-prompts

    #7: Begin by writing the end of the story. #8: Write a recipe for an intangible thing. #9: Write a horror story about an ordinary situation (e.g., buying groceries, going to the bank, listening to music). #10: Write a story from within a bubble.

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