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  1. Is Your Spiritual Vision 20/20? Meditations on Psalm 73 ... › article › your-spiritual-vision-2020

    May 22, 2005 · We need to help each other see. So I ask, “Do your spiritual eyes have 20/20 vision? Can you see Him? Can you see Him?!” Oh Lord Jesus, if you don’t open the eyes of our hearts, we will not see You and cannot hope in You. If You don’t shine the light of Your glory into the dark corners of our hearts, we will remain blind and stumble about.

  2. Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens | Unity › resources › perfect-vision

    Perfect Vision: Seeing Through a Spiritual Lens We’ve been told that 20-20 vision is perfect, but for the year 2020, let’s expand the definition. Perfect vision has nothing to do with how far our eyes can focus without assistance. It’s all in how we see the world.

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  4. 20/20 Spiritual Vision - Grace to You › 24 › 2020-spiritual-vision

    In 20/20 Spiritual Vision, John MacArthur shows you two groups of people in Matthew 16: those who are blind to the light of God’s truth, and those who see it clearly. Discover the importance of seeking the light, the necessity of cursing the darkness, and the privilege of proclaiming God’s illuminating truth.

  5. CLERGY CORNER: Is your spiritual vision 20/20? | Observer ... › 2019/02/07 › clergy

    Feb 07, 2019 · During an eye exam, the optometrist measures our vision against the standard of 20/20. We measure spiritual vision against the standard of God’s Word. Since the two great commandments are to love God and to love people, it would seem that those with healthy spiritual vision should be exhibiting love for both.

  6. IS YOUR VISION 20/20 FOR 2020? — The Everyday Homemaker › is-your-vision-2020-for-2020

    Dec 19, 2019 · As we enter into a new decade, I am challenged to desire the same spiritual acuity for my heart and mind as my new glasses provide for my eyes (Deut. 4:9). May I encourage you to join me in using the Scriptures, especially those portraying women, as a prescription for maintaining 20/20 vision throughout the decade?

  7. "Activating Your 20/20 Spiritual Vision" - Elijah List › words › display_word

    Feb 25, 2020 · 20/20 Spiritual Vision Will Manifest from Heaven to Earth in 2020 2020 is a God-ordained time for you to step into 20/20 spiritual vision. Some of you are going to walk into that supernatural dynamic of Christ's Kingdom this year. I like to call it "2020 20/20 spiritual vision."

  8. Is Your Spiritual Vision 20/20? - St. Justin Martyr Catholic ... › 183825 › is-your-spiritual

    Jan 06, 2020 · Is Your Spiritual Vision 20/20? By Jeannine Szatkowski. Register for our 2020 Women’s ACTS retreat today! Thursday, February 27, 2020 to Sunday, March 1, 2020 .

  9. Activating Your Spiritual Senses and 20/20 Spiritual Vision. 8-23-13 - Kevin Basconi. I want to share a testimony with you that started to unfold during the last Moravian Falls School of the Seers.

  10. 5D Shift: Big Changes Ahead - How to Navigate with 20:20 ... › 5d-shift-big-changes-ahead

    Dec 27, 2019 · In my new article above, How to Navigate with 20:20 Spiritual Vision This Year, I pointed out that as stronger energies surge in, the shadow side will become ever more outlandish and to be aware of that. Here's the perfect example in this video below.

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