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      • Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Dona Isabel (29 July 1846 – 14 November 1921), nicknamed "the Redemptress", was the Princess Imperial (heir presumptive to the throne) of the Empire of Brazil and the Empire's regent on three occasions.,_Princess_Imperial_of_Brazil#:~:text=Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil From Wikipedia, the,Brazil and the Empire's regent on three occasions.
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  2. Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil - Wikipedia,_Princess_Imperial...

    Dona Isabel (29 July 1846 – 14 November 1921), nicknamed "the Redemptress", was the Princess Imperial (heir presumptive to the throne) of the Empire of Brazil and the Empire's regent on three occasions.

    • Prince Luís

      Prince Luís of Orléans-Braganza (26 January 1878 – 26 March...

    • Early life

      Isabel was born at 6:30 p.m. on 29 July 1846 in Rio de...

    • Upbringing

      Isabel began her education on 1 May 1854, when she was...

    • Regent

      Gaston and Isabel returned to Brazil on 1 May 1871, just...

    • Abolitionism and the Golden Law

      From November 1884 to March 1885, Isabel toured southern...

    • Exile

      In August 1888, to Isabel's relief, Pedro II returned from...

  3. Prince Imperial of Brazil - Wikipedia

    Princess Isabel: 29 July 1846 – 14 November 1921 11 June 1847 – 19 July 1848 9 January 1850 – 5 December 1891 Princess Imperial from the death of her elder brother until the birth of her younger brother, and from his death until the death of the Emperor

  4. Isabel, Princess Imperial o Brazil - Wikipedia,_Princess_Imperial...

    (29 Julie 1846 – 14 November 1921) cried "the Redemptress" wis the Princess Imperial (heir presumptive tae the throne) o the Empire o Brazil an the Empire's regent on three occasions. Born in Rio de Janeiro as the eldest dochter o Emperor Pedro II an Empress Teresa Cristina, she wis a member o the Brazilian branch o the Hoose o Braganza (Portuguese: Bragança).

  5. Talk:Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil - Wikipedia,_Princess...
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    To fill out this checklist, please add the following code to the template call: | b1 = | b2 = | b3 = | b4 = | b5 = | b6 = assessing the article against each criterion. This article is supported by Empire of Brazil task force. WikiProject African diaspora African diasporaWikipedia:WikiProject A

    Princess Isabel was never a Brazilian Monarch, except when acting as a regent, so it is incorrect to place her in the category of Brazilian monarchs, which should include only two names: Pedro I and Pedro II. She can, however, be placed in the category of Pretenders to the Brazilian throne. Lets not politicize this encyclopedia. Monarchs are those who officially ruled; pretenders to the throne can and should not be included in that list, if history is not to be falsified. Abueno97 Why was this a

    book - "Princess Isabel of Brazil: Gender and Power in the Nineteenth Century" by Roderick J. Barman. Biography of Pedro II's daughter, who served as regent three times and emancipated Brazil's slaves. in some genealogy: "H.I.H. Princess Senhora Dona Isabel Cristina Leopoldina Augusta Michaela Gabriela Raphaela Gonzaga, Princess Imperial of Brazil" in some chronology: "Princess Isabel of Brazil signs "Lei Aurea" abolishing slavery"

    According to records I have read, the name Orleans-Braganza came into use only when the family was in exile. When the empire was in existence, her sons apparently were princes of Brazil. The origin of course is the Portuguese cultural thing to use father's and mother's names together, with "e". It would have been an extraordinary thing, and thus not credible, that a crown princess would use a surname, and moreover her husband's surname, during the reign. In texts visible e.g in the internet, Isa

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  6. Category:Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil - Wikimedia

    Feb 23, 2020 · English: Isabel The Redeemer, Princess Imperial of Brazil, de jure Empress D. Isabel I of Brazil (Isabella Cristina Leopoldina Augusta Micaela Gabriela Rafaela Gonzaga de Bragança; English: Isabel Christine Leopoldine Augusta Michelle Gabrielle Raphaelle Gonzaga of Braganza) 29 July 1846 – 14 November 1921), nicknamed the Redeemer, was the heir to the throne of Brazil, with the title of Princess Imperial during the last decades of the reign of her father Pedro II, and sometime Regent.

    • Brazil
    • 14 November 1921, Eu
  7. Princess Isabelle of Orléans-Braganza - Wikipedia,_comtesse_de_Paris

    She was christened as namesake of her paternal grandmother, Isabel, Princess Imperial of Brazil, elder daughter and heir of the deposed Emperor Pedro II of Brazil. In 1891 Dom Pedro de Alcântara became Prince Imperial of Brazil to the royalists upon the death of the emperor in exile, his mother having become the claimant.

  8. Princess of Brazil - Wikipedia

    The title was preceded by the titles Princess of Portugal and succeed by Princess Royal of Portugal. Personal banner of the Princes of Brazil. The title was created by King John IV of Portugal on 27 October 1645 in favor of his eldest son and heir Infante Teodósio , soon after Portugal had gotten rid of its Spanish rulers.

  9. Princess Januária of Brazil - Wikipediaária_of_Brazil

    28 April 1844 – 23 February 1845: Her Imperial and Royal Highness The Princess Imperial of Brazil, Countess of Aquila 23 February 1845 – 5 March 1897 : Her Royal Highness The Countess of Aquila 5 March 1897 – 13 March 1901 : Her Royal Highness The Dowager Countess of Aquila

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