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    The new shekel is divided into 100 agorot. The new shekel has been in use since 1 January 1986, when it replaced the hyperinflated old shekel at a ratio of 1000:1. The currency sign for the new shekel ₪ is a combination of the first Hebrew letters of the words shekel ( ש) and ẖadash ( ח) (new).

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    The Israeli shekel (properly sheqel) replaced the Israeli lira or pound in 1980. Its currency sign was , although it was more commonly denominated as ש or IS. It was subdivided into 100 new agoras or agorot. It suffered from hyperinflation and was quickly replaced. The new shekel replaced it in 1985.

  3. شيكل إسرائيلي جديد - ويكيبيديا › wiki › Israeli_new_shekel
    • الإصدار الأول
    • الإصدار الثاني
    • الإصدار الثالث

    بدأ التداول بالشيكل الجديد في 4 سبتمبر 1985 (لكن بدأ به رسميًا في 1 يناير 1986) عندما صدرت الأوراق النقدية من الفئات 5ش.ج، 10ش.ج، و50ش.ج، ثم بعد عدة أشهر صدرت أوراق نقدية من الفئتين 1ش.ج، و100ش.ج، وفي عام 1988 صدرت أوراق نقدية من الفئة 200ش.ج. جميع الأوراق النقدية صممت أفقيًا وبحجم موحد 76x138مم. الأوراق النقدية من الفئات 1ش.ج، 5ش.ج، و10ش.ج يأتي تصميمها كتصميم الأوراق النقدية من العملة السابقة الشيكل من الفئات 1,000 شيكل، 5,000 شيكل، و10,000 شيكل.

    بدأ التداول بالإصدار الثاني من الشيكل الجديد في 3 يناير 1999، مع إصدار الفئتين 20ش.ج، و100ش.ج. وفي 31 أكتوبر من نفس العام صدرت الفئتين 50ش.ج، و200ش.ج. جميع الأوراق النقدية صممت عموديًا وبحجم موحد 71x138مم. يتميز هذا الإصدار بالتكنولوجيا المساعدة لضعاف البصر، حيث من خلال لمسها يمكن التعرف عليها.

    في 14 نوفمبر 2012، أعلن بنك إسرائيل أن سلسلة جديدة من الأوراق النقدية شارفت على المراحل النهائية من التصميم. أولى الأوراق النقدية الجديدة التي تم بدء التداول بها هي فئة 50₪ ابتداءً من 16 سبتمبر 2014، تلاها فئة 200₪ في 23 ديسمبر 2015. أما الفئتين 20₪ و100₪ فتم إصدارهما في 23 نوفمبر 2017. تم أيضًا في التصميم الجديد تغيير هجاء اسم العملة باللغة العربية من "شيقل" كما كانت تكتب في السابق إلى "شيكل"، وبالإنجليزيةمن "sheqel"/"sheqalim" إلى "shekel"/"shekels".

    • 1985
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    • Israeli new shekel (1986–present)
    • Old Israeli shekel (1980–1985)

    The shekel sign is a currency sign used for the Israeli new shekel, which is the currency of the State of Israel.

    The Israeli new shekel is denoted in Hebrew: שקל חדש‎ or by the acronym Hebrew: ש״ח‎. The symbol was announced officially on 22 September 1985, when the first new shekel banknotes and coins were introduced. It is constructed by combining the two Hebrew letters that constitute the acronym: "ש" and "ח". Sometimes the "₪" symbol is used following the number, other times the acronym Hebrew: ש״ח‎. The Israeli toll road symbol bearing the Shekel sign. The shekel sign, like ...

    The old Israeli shekel, "", in circulation between 1980 and 1985, had a different symbol, which was officially announced on 18 March 1980. It was a stylized Shin shaped like a cradle. Before the introduction of the old shekel in 1980, there was no special symbol for the Israeli currency. This symbol appeared on checks issued by Israeli banks between 1980 and 1985. Quoting prices in new shekels started officially on 1 January 1986, and the old shekel checks remaining unused had to be stamped with

    • .mw-parser-output .monospaced{font-family:monospace,monospace}U+20AA ₪ NEW SHEQEL SIGN (HTML ₪)
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    Similarly, officially the "Israeli new shekel" could be just named as "Israeli shekel" which is more commonly used. דוד אהרון 8 12:14, 4 April 2019 (UTC) Page title should be New Israeli Shekel. The shekel in English is known as the New Israeli Shekel (NIS). "Israeli new shekel" sounds really weird to any American living in Israel.

  7. Israeli new shekel - Wikipedia › wiki › Israeli_new_shekel

    Israeli new shekel. Shekel-yada cusub ee Israel (Cibraaniga: שֶׁקֶל חָדָשׁ) Ku saabsan codkani Sheqel Hadash, Carabi: شيقل جديد شهک جدīد; saxiix: ₪; code: ILS), oo sidoo kale loo yaqaano shekel Israel ah oo hore loo yaqaan "New Israeli Sheqel" (NIS ), waa lacagta Israel iyo sidoo kale loo isticmaalo hindise ...

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    The name agoraactually refers to three kinds of currencies that were used in Israel throughout its history. All of them have been subdivisions of the main currency units. This name was used for the first time in 1960, when the Israeli government decided to change the subdivision of the Israeli lira (a.k.a. Israeli pound) from 1000 prutot to 100 agorot. The name was suggested by the Academy of the Hebrew Language, and was borrowed from the Hebrew Bible, I Samuel 2:36 ...every one that is left in thine house shall come and crouch to him for a piece of silver... (the term "piece of silver" appears in Hebrew as "agorat kessef"). In 1980 the Israeli lira was abolished and replaced by the shekel at a rate of 10 IP per 1 shekel. The new subdivision of the shekel was named agora ẖadaša ("new agora"). There were 100 new agorot in 1 shekel. The high rate of inflation in Israel in the early 1980s forced the Israeli government to change the Israeli currency once again in 1985. The new shekel wa...

    Old Israeli shekel

    1. Note that all dates on Israeli coins are given in the Hebrew calendar and are written in Hebrew numerals.

  9. 1 Israeli Shekel June 2021 - › 1-israeli-shekel

    1 Israeli Shekel Thursday, 3 June 2021. One new official israeli shekel coin israeli new shekel wikipedia israeli new shekel in 1986 reverse jpg israeli shekel sheqel nis ils holy land convert israeli shekel to anese yen.

  10. Israel Coin 1 New Shekel Worth May 2021 - Gold Prices Today › israel-coin-1-new-shekel-worth

    Apr 23, 2017 · Israel Coin 1 New Shekel Worth Sunday, 16 May 2021. Shekel wikipedia 10 israeli new shekels coin exchange shekel wikipedia ancient shekel s for 1 million 1 lira israel numista israel coin 1 new shekel worth june 2020.

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