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    Life Parentage and posthumous birth (until 1440) Ladislaus was the posthumous son of Albert of Habsburg and Elizabeth of Luxembourg. Albert was the hereditary Duke of Austria, while Elizabeth was the only child of the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund, who was also King of Bohemia and Hungary.

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    Ladislaus the Posthumous or Ladislaus V of Hungary (1440–1457), also King of Bohemia Ladislaus of Naples (1377–1414), King of Naples Wenceslaus III of Bohemia (1289–1306), who took the name Ladislaus when he was crowned King of Hungary in 1301

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    English: King of Hungary and Croatia from 1440 to 1457 and the King of Bohemia from 1453 to 1457.

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    Ladislas or Ladislaus? Miraceti 19:20, 6 December 2006 (UTC) Leukemia. How did they prove he died of this? 10:06, 1 August 2009 (UTC) Because he died on some form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which leaves distinctive marks on bones.

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    Category:Ladislas the Posthumous. ... This category is located at Category:Ladislaus V of Hungary. Note: ... In Wikipedia. Add links.

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    His mother and father laid claim to Hungary and Bohemia after her childless brother, Ladislaus the Posthumous, died on 23 November 1457. However, their claims were ignored in both Hungary and Bohemia. The Diet of Hungary elected Matthias Corvinus king on 24 January 1458.

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    Ladislaus the Posthumous (22 February 1440 – 23 November 1457) was Duke of Austria from 1440, King of Hungary (as Ladislaus V) from 1444 and King of Bohemia from 1453. [ 1 ] [ 2 ] Contents

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    Magdalena was betrothed to Ladislaus the Posthumous however he died suddenly in Prague on 23 November 1457 while preparing for his marriage. It was rumored at the time that his political opponents in Bohemia had poisoned him; but in the 20th century it was proved that Ladislaus died of leukemia, not a recognized disease in that period.

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