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    Lazio (UK: / ˈ l æ t s i oʊ /, US: / ˈ l ɑː t s i oʊ /; Italian: ; Latin: Latium, [ˈɫat̪i.ʊ̃ˑ]) is one of the 20 administrative regions of Italy.Situated in the central peninsular section of the country, it has 5,864,321 inhabitants – making it the second most populated region of Italy (after Lombardy and just ahead of Campania) – and its GDP of more than €197 billion per ...

    • 17,242 km² (6,657 sq mi)
    • Italy
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    Società Sportiva Lazio ( BIT : SSL; Lazio Sport Club ), commonly referred to as Lazio ( Italian pronunciation: [ˈlattsjo] ), is an Italian professional sports club based in Rome, most known for its football activity. The society, founded in 1900, plays in the Serie A and have spent most of their history in the top tier of Italian football.

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    Geography. The region is in Central Italy with an area of 17,232.29 km 2 (6,653.42 sq mi). It is bordered to the northwest by the Tuscany region, to the north by the Umbria region, to the northeast with the Marche region, to the east with the Abruzzo and Molise regions, to the southeast is the Campania region and to the west is the Tyrrhenian Sea.

    • 17,232.29 km² (6,653.42 sq mi)
    • Rome
    • Nicola Zingaretti
    • Italy
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    Lazio declared his candidacy for governor of New York in New York City on September 21, 2009 and made a formal announcement in Albany, New York the following day.. On June 2, 2010, Lazio received the New York State Republican Party's designation to run for governor, but Carl Paladino, a candidate backed by the Tea Party movement, petitioned his way onto the ballot and defeated Lazio in the ...

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    Lazio. The 2020–21 season was the 120th season in the existence of S.S. Lazio and the club's 33rd consecutive season in the top flight of Italian football. In addition to the domestic league, Lazio participated in this season's editions of the Coppa Italia and also participated in the UEFA Champions League. The season covered the period from ...

    • Vacant
    • 6th
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    Lazio comprises a land aurie o 17,236 km2 (6,655 sq mi) an it haes borders wi Tuscany, Umbrie, an Marche tae the north, Abruzzo an Molise tae the east, Campanie tae the sooth, an the Tyrrhenian Seatae the wast. The region is mainly flat an hilly, wi smaw muntainous auries in the maist eastren an soothren destricts. The coast o Lazio is mainly componit o sandy beaches, punctuatit bi the heidlands o Circeo (541 m) an Gaeta (171 m). The Pontine Islands, which are pairt o Lazio, lee opposite the soothren coast. Ahint the coastal strip, tae the north, lees the Maremma Laziale (the continuation o Tuscan Maremma), a costal plain interruptit at Civitavecchia bi the Tolfa Muntains (616 m). The central section o the region is occupeed bi the Roman Campagna, a vast alluvial plain surroondin the ceety o Roum, wi a aurie o approximately 2,100 km2 (811 sq mi). The soothren destricts are characterisit bi the flatlands o Agro Pontino, a ance swampy an malarial aurie, that wis reclaimitower the cent...

    See an aw: History o Italy The Italian wird Lazio strynds frae the Laitin wird Latium. The name o the region survives in the tribal designation o the auncient population o Lautins an aw, Latini in the Laitin leid spoken bi thaim an passed on tae the ceety-state o Auncient Roum. Awtho the demografie o auncient Roum wis multi-ethnic, includin, for ensaumple, Etruscans an ither Italics besides the Latini, the latter wur the dominant constituent. In Roman meethologie, the tribe o the Latini tuek thair name frae king Latinus. Apairt frae the meethical derivation o Lazio gien bi the auncients as the place whaur Jupiter "lay hidden" frae his faither seekin tae kill him, a major modren etymologie is that Lazio comes frae the Laitin wird "latus", meanin "wide", expressin the idea o "flat land" meanin the Roman Campagna. Hintle o Lazio is in fact flat or rollin. The lands oreeginally inhabitit bi the Latini wur extendit intae the territories o the Samnites, the Marsi, the Hernici, the Aequi,...

    Agricultur, crafts, ainimal husbandry an fishery are the main tradeetional soorces o income. Agricultur is characterisit bi the cultivation o wine grapes, fruit, vegetables an olives. Industrial development in Lazio is limitit tae the auries sooth o Roum. Communications an - abuin aw - the settin o the mairch o the Cassa del Mezzogiorno some kilometres sooth o Roum, hae influencit the poseetion o industry, favourin the auries wi the best links tae Roum an those near the Autostrada del Sole (motorway), especially aroond Frosinone. Firms are aften smaw tae middlin in size an operate in the biggin an biggin materials (Roum, Civitavecchia), paper (Sora), petrochemical (Gaeta, Roum), textile (Frosinone), ingineerin (Rieti, Anagni), automobile (Cassino), electronic an electrotechnical (Viterbo) sectors. Approximately 73% o the wirkin population are employed in the services sector; this is a considerable proportion, but is justifeed bi the presence o Roum, which is the core o public admeen...

    Wi a population o aboot 5.7 million, Lazio is the third maist populatit region o Italy. The oweraw population density in the region is 332 indwallers per km2. Housomeivver, the population density widely ranges frae amaist 800 indwallers per km2 in the heichlie urbanizit Province o Roum tae less nor 60 indwallers per km2 in the muntainous an landwart Province o Rieti. As o Januar 2010, the Italian naitional institute o statistics ISTAT estimatit that 497,940 foreign-born immigrants live in Lazio, equal tae 8.8% o the tot regional population.

    Roum is center-left poleetically orientit bi tradeetion, while the rest o Lazio is center-richt orientit. In the 2008 general election, Lazio gae 44.2% o its vote tae the centre-richt coalition, while the centre-left block teuk 41.4% o vote. In the 2013 general election, Lazio gae 40.7% o its vote tae the centre-left block coalition, 29.3% tae the centre-richt coalition an 20.2 tae the Five Star Muivement.

    Offeecial Touristic Steid o the Regione Lazio Archived 2012-12-28 at the Wayback Machine (in Inglis)
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    Modifica dati su Wikidata · Manuale. Il Lazio è una regione a statuto ordinario dell' Italia centrale, con capoluogo Roma. Con 5 720 796 abitanti è la seconda regione più popolata d'Italia dopo la Lombardia, e la nona per estensione della superficie. Confina a nord-ovest con la Toscana, a nord con l' Umbria, a nord-est con le Marche, a est ...

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    Labuad Lazio; 220px: Mapa makapasala ya ing karinan ning Lazio king Italy Tungku Rome: Pamuntuk Piero Marrazzo (Independent-Union) Lalawigan: 5 Comuni: 378 Lapad/Dagul: 17,208 km² ...

    • 378
    • 17,208 km²
    • 5
    • Piero Marrazzo, (Independent-Union)
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    Marino ( Latin: Marinum or Castrimoenium, local Romanesco: Marini) is an Italian city and comune in Lazio (central Italy), on the Alban Hills, Italy, 21 kilometres (13 miles) southeast of Rome, with a population of 37,684 and a territory of 26.10 square kilometres (10.08 sq mi). It is bounded by other communes, Castel Gandolfo, Albano Laziale ...

    • 360 m (1,180 ft)
    • Italy
    • 00047
    • Lazio
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