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    Otto Heinrich Frank (12 May 1889 – 19 August 1980) was a German businessman who later became a resident of the Netherlands and Switzerland. He was the father of Anne and Margot Frank and husband of Edith Frank-Holländer, and was the sole member of his family to survive the Holocaust.

    • Early life

      Otto Frank was born into a liberal Jewish family. He was the...

    • World War I

      Frank served in the Imperial German Army during the First...

    • Marriage and children

      Frank worked in the bank that his father initially ran,...

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    Otto Frank ricorda: «già nel 1932 ascoltavo gruppi di SS che cantavano: che il sangue degli ebrei scorra sul coltello!». Del resto, dopo la guerra aveva scritto: «il mondo intorno a me stava crollando, dovevo fare qualcosa e allora mi resi conto che la Germania non era l'unico paese al mondo, e lo lasciai per sempre».

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    • Overview
    • Family and early life
    • Training and Work
    • Achievements

    Otto Frank was a German born doctor and physiologist who made several important contributions to cardiac physiology and cardiology. The Frank-Starling law of the heart is named after him and Ernest Starling.

    Otto Frank was born in Groß-Umstadt and was the son of Georg Frank, a doctor of medicine and a practicing physician, and Mathilde Lindenborn. Otto Frank was married to Theres Schuster in a Catholic wedding in München.

    Otto Frank studied medicine in München and Kiel between 1884 and 1889. During 1889 to 1891 he undertook training in mathematics, chemistry, physics, anatomy and zoology in Heidelberg, Glasgow, München and Straßburg. He then worked until 1894 as an assistant to Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig in the Physiologisches Institut in Leipzig. There in 1892 he completed his doctoral studies. Subsequently, from 1894 Frank worked as an assistant in Carl von Voit's Physiological Institute in München ...

    Frank's initial research was related to fat absorption. But in his postdoctoral work Frank investigated the isometric and isotonic contractile behaviour of the heart and it is this work that he is best known for. Frank's work on this topic preceded that of Ernest Starling, but both are usually credited with providing the foundations of what is termed the Frank–Starling law of the heart. This law states that "Within physiological limits, the force of contraction is directly proportional to ...

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    Otto Frank was een zoon van Michael Frank (1851-1909), succesvol zakenman en eigenaar van de Michael Frank Bank in Frankfurt en Alice Betty Stern (1865-1953). Otto groeide op in een liberaal Joods middenklasse gezin en was de tweede van vier kinderen (Robert, Otto, Herbert, Helene).

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    Otto Heinrich Frank, född 12 maj 1889 i Frankfurt am Main, Tyskland, död 19 augusti 1980 i Birsfelden, Schweiz, var en tysk-nederländsk-schweizisk köpman och far till Margot och Anne Frank. Otto Franks fru Edith Frank dog under förintelsen i koncentrationslägret Auschwitz-Birkenau.

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    • Overview
    • Early academic career
    • Brigham Young University
    • Entrepreneurship

    Frank Otto was an American educator, pioneer in computer-assisted language learning, entrepreneur, and the founding executive director of CALICO.

    Otto received his PhD in 1960 from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. During his program there he conducted dissertation research in the area of foreign languages in the elementary school. With support from publisher Heath de Rochemont, a division of D.C. Heath, he investigated alternative approaches to staffing foreign language programs. His projects involved working with the publisher’s efforts to broadcast their Parlons Français program to over two million schoolchildren in the ...

    Following his work in Central and South America, Otto was recruited by Brigham Young University in 1975 to help develop a program in ESL. While at BYU he participated in the development for the TICCIT system. of what could well be the first interactive multimedia program for teaching Spanish online. During his time at BYU, Otto was instrumental in the founding of CALICO. As an important part of his work with CALICO, he also served as the founding editor of the CALICO Journal.

    Following his service at BYU and for CALICO, Otto retired and devoted full-time to his company CALI for the development of ELLIS, which stands for "English Language Learning Instruction System" as an allusion to Ellis Island, the port of entry for millions of immigrants to the United States of America. ELLIS was later purchased by Pearson Learning and is still available today from Pearson as ELLIS: A Digital Learning ELL Curriculum

    • 5 children, ages 42 to 56
    • Retired university professor and entrepreneur
    • American
    • 1966–2006
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    Otto Frank - Family History. I am beginning to research the family of Otto Frank, who would have been approximately my grandfather's age. My grandfather was a Herbert Frank, and our Jewish family is also originally from the Frankfurt area. My mother claimed to have been a relative, but my aunt says that we are not.

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    Origem: Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre. Otto Heinrich Frank (12 de maio de 1889 – 19 de agosto de 1980) foi um empresário alemão. Ele é mais conhecido por ser o pai de Anne Frank e Margot Frank, escondendo-se com elas, sua esposa Edith Frank e outro grupo de pessoas judias no Anexo Secreto, durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial.

    • Otto Heinrich Frank
    • Alemão
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    Opekta started in Germany and later expanded into the Netherlands in 1933, at which time Otto Frank moved from Germany to Amsterdam to become managing director of the new Dutch operation. Otto Frank was in charge of the manufacturing and distribution of the pectin -based gelling preparations, to be used in jam making .

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