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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Progressive soul (often shortened to prog-soul; also called black prog) is a type of African-American music that utilizes a progressive approach, particularly in the context of the soul and funk genres.

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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Progressive soul is currently a Music good article nominee. Nominated by isento (talk) at 08:30, 30 January 2021 (UTC) Anyone who has not contributed significantly to (or nominated) this article may review it according to the good article criteria to decide whether or not to list it as a good article.

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  4. Progressive music - Wikipedia › wiki › Progressive_music

    "Progressive soul" is used by Martin to refer to a musical development in which many African-American recording artists by the 1970s were creating music in a manner similar to progressive rock. This development inspired greater musical diversity and sophistication, ambitious lyricism, and conceptual album-oriented approach in black pop.

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    Soul music (often referred to simply as soul) is a popular music genre that originated in the African American community throughout the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s. It combines elements of African-American gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz.

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    progressive pop. proto-prog. recording studio as an instrument. rock opera. space rock. Progressive rock (shortened as prog; sometimes called art rock, classical rock or symphonic rock) is a broad genre of rock music that developed in the United Kingdom and United States throughout the mid- to late 1960s.

    • Mid to late 1960s, United Kingdom and United States
    • Art rock, classical rock, prog, symphonic rock
  7. Progressive house - Wikipedia › wiki › Progressive_house

    The music was dubbed "progressive" because it drew upon the influence of Giorgio Moroder's Euro disco rather than the disco inspired by the symphonic sound of Philadelphia soul. In Detroit, prior to the emergence of techno , artists like Alexander Robotnick , Klein + M.B.O. and Capricorn filled a vacancy left after disco's demise in America.

  8. Soul Secret - Wikipedia › wiki › Soul_Secret

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Soul Secret is an Italian progressive metal band that formed in 2004 in Napoli, Italy. They started as a cover band but as the years passed they started thinking about writing some original material. Thus they wrote a song called First Creature in 2006.

  9. Sade (band) - Wikipedia › wiki › Sade_(band)

    Sade ( / ʃɑːˈdeɪ / shah-DAY) are an English band, formed in London in 1982 and named after their lead singer, Sade Adu. Three of their members were originally from Hull in the East Riding of Yorkshire. Their music features elements of soul, quiet storm, smooth jazz and sophisti-pop.

  10. Swing music - Wikipedia › wiki › Swing_music

    Swing music is a form of jazz that developed in the United States in the 1930s and 1940s. The name came from the emphasis on the off–beat, or weaker pulse. Swing bands usually featured soloists who would improvise on the melody over the arrangement.

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