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    Aroid (Ari-Banna; "South Omotic") These four families are also accepted by Güldemann (2018), who similarly doubts the validity of Omotic as a unified group. Reconstruction. Bender (1987: 33-35) reconstructs the following proto-forms for Proto-Omotic and Proto-North Omotic, the latter which is considered to have descended from Proto-Omotic.

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    Proto-Omotic Proto–Afroasiatic , sometimes referred to as Proto-Afrasian , is the reconstructed proto-language from which all modern Afroasiatic languages are descended. Though estimations vary widely, it is believed by scholars to have been spoken as a single language around 12,000 to 18,000 years ago (12 to 18 kya ), that is, between 16,000 ...

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    Early Afro-Asiatic populations speaking proto-Semitic, proto-Cushitic and proto-Omotic languages would have diverged by the fourth or fifth millennium BC. Shortly afterwards, the proto-Cushitic and proto-Omotic groups would have settled in the Ethiopian highlands, with the proto-Semitic speakers crossing the Sinai Peninsula into Asia Minor.

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    Nov 19, 2020 · Appendix:Proto-Omotic reconstructions - Bender (1987) Appendix:Proto-Aroid reconstructions - Yigezu (2013) Appendix:Proto-Maji reconstructions - Aklilu (2003) Appendix:Mao word lists - Küspert (2015) Appendix:Proto-Semitic stems - Kogan (2012) Khoisan

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    "First Steps Toward proto-Omotic." Current Approaches to African Linguistics 3 (1987): 21-36. ^ Blažek, Václav. 2008. A lexicostatistical comparison of Omotic languages. In Bengtson (ed.), 57–148.

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    Definitions of proto afroasiatic language, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of proto afroasiatic language, analogical dictionary of proto afroasiatic language (English)

  8. Omotic, Hadza, Sandawe are related and not Khoisan | Somali ...

    May 30, 2018 · " A notable exception is Cushitic ancestry, which did not form by a splitting event but rather by a mixing event between Arabian ancestry and Nilo-Saharan or Omotic ancestry (Shriner et al. 2016)."

  9. Jabal al-Lughat: Is Omotic Afroasiatic?

    Jun 20, 2007 · Omotic, a small group of non-Cushitic, non-Semitic languages spoken in the highlands of Ethiopia, has always been the odd one out in Afroasiatic; by anyone's tree it is the first to have split off, and the noted Chadicist Paul Newman expressed scepticism about its membership in the family.

  10. Омотські мови — ВікіпедіяОмотські_мови

    Омотські мови — група мов, присутня на південному заході Ефіопії. Ґеезьке письмо ...

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