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  2. Sarai (city) - Wikipedia

    Sarai Juk (Little Sarai) was a city on the Ural River. It is often conflated with the other Sarais in historical and modern accounts. This town was the main city of the Nogai Horde, one of the successors of the Golden Horde. Although sacked by the Ural Cossacks in 1580, it was later used as the headquarters by some Kazakh khans.

  3. Sarai - Wikipedia

    Sarai Village, an old Turkic village in Absheron, Baku Saray, Qubadli a village in Karabakh, occupied by Armenians Sarai Masjid, is a mosque of the 15th century, which is included in Shirvanshah's palace complex in Baku, Azerbaijan

  4. Talk:Sarai (city) - Wikipedia

    The existence of Sarai Berke (New Sarai, Sarai-al-Jadid), reputedly founded by Khan Berke, is disputed. If it existed, the most likely location was Tsarev, an archeological site also on the Akhtuba channel 55 km south of Volgograd. The bishops of Krutitsy resided there from 1261 to 1454.

  5. Saray - Wikipedia

    Saray Mulk Khanum (1343–1406), Empress of the Timurid Empire as the chief consort of Timur Other uses [ edit ] Saray Masjid , is a mosque of the 15th century, which is included in Shirvanshah's palace complex in Baku, Azerbaijan

  6. Dalsinghsarai - Wikipedia

    Dalsinghsarai city was a tobacco and indigo production center during the British time. There is a myth about the city is that Dalsinghsarai was the first railway station of Bihar and the second of India. Dalsingh Sarai is a city council or Nagar Panchayat. It is also one of the subdivisions, Anchal and block of Bihar.

    • Nagar Parishad
    • 23,862
    • Hindi,Maithli, Bhojpuri and Anghika Maithli
    • BR-33
  7. Sarai Alamgir - Wikipedia

    Sarai Alamgir covers 575 km 2 (222 sq mi) on the eastern bank of the Jhelum River, across from the larger town of Jhelum.East of the town is the Upper Jhelum Canal.Sarai Alamgir was raised to the level of Municipal Committee in 1976.

  8. Caravanserai - Wikipedia

    A caravanserai (or caravansary; / k ær ə ˈ v æ n s ə ˌ r aɪ /) was a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day's journey. Caravanserais supported the flow of commerce, information and people across the network of trade routes covering Asia, North Africa and Southeast Europe, most notably the Silk Road.

  9. Sarah - Wikipedia

    Sarah (Hebrew: שָׂרָה ‎, Arabic: سَارَة ‎ sārah) is a biblical matriarch and prophetess, a major figure in Abrahamic religions.While some discrepancies exist in how she is portrayed by the different faiths, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all depict her character similarly, as that of a pious woman, renowned for her hospitality and beauty, the wife and half-sister of Abraham ...

  10. About: Sarai (city) - DBpedia

    Sarai (also transcribed as Saraj or Saray) was the name of two cities, which were successively capital cities of the Golden Horde, the Mongol kingdom which ruled much of Central Asia and part of Eastern Europe, in the 13th and 14th centuries.

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