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    Seppuku Paradigm is a French electronica/film music/rock duo. They are currently based in Paris, France. Their name was inspired by the self given death of Japanese author Yukio Mishima who, after a failed coup d'état, committed suicide according to ancient Japanese tradition (seppuku or hara kiri) as a gesture of public protest.

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    Seppuku Paradigm. No description defined. Statements. instance of. musical group. 1 reference. ... Wikipedia (1 entry) edit. enwiki Seppuku Paradigm; Wikibooks (0 ...

  3. Welcome to Hoxford - Wikipedia › wiki › Welcome_to_Hoxford

    Welcome to Hoxford is a four-issue comic book mini-series created, written, and drawn by Eisner Award nominee and Spike Scream Award-winner Ben Templesmith and published from August to November 2008 by American company IDW Publishing.

    • Monthly
    • Horror
  4. Martyrs (2008 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Martyrs_(2008_film)

    Martyrs is a 2008 psychological horror film written and directed by Pascal Laugier.An international co-production of France and Canada, the film follows Lucie and Anna, played by Mylène Jampanoï and Morjana Alaoui respectively, in which Lucie's quest to seek revenge on the people who abducted and tortured her as a child leads her and Anna, also a victim of abuse, into a spiral of something ...

    • May 2008 (Cannes Film Festival), 3 September 2008 (France)
    • Richard Grandpierre, Simon Trottier
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    Pages in category "French rock music groups" The following 72 pages are in this category, out of 72 total. This list may not reflect recent changes ().

  6. Seppuku : definition of Seppuku and synonyms of Seppuku (English) › Seppuku › en-en

    While the voluntary seppuku described above is the best known form, in practice the most common form of seppuku was obligatory seppuku, used as a form of capital punishment for disgraced samurai, especially for those who committed a serious offense such as unprovoked murder, rape, robbery, corruption, or treason. The samurai were generally told of their offence in full and given a set time to commit seppuku, usually before sunset on a given day.

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  8. Eden Log and similar films | › Eden_Log

    Seppuku Paradigm-Wikipedia The film continues a contemporary cyberpunk trend in French cinema, following Enki Bilal 's Immortal (2004) and Christian Volckman 's Renaissance (2006), preceding Franck Vestiel's Eden Log (2007) and Marc Caro 's Dante 01 (2008).

  9. Melissa Mars and similar people | › Melissa_Mars

    Seppuku Paradigm-Wikipedia FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2014 - Winner Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress ( Melissa Mars ), Nominated for Best Director, Best Comedy, Best Actor (Mike Kopera), Best Supporting Actor (Bo Keister) The Cabining - Wikipedia

  10. Martyrs (film 2008) - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia ... › wiki › Martyrs_(film_2008)

    Martyrs adalah sebuah film horor tahun 2008 yang ditulis dan disutradarai oleh Pascal Laugier dan dibintangi oleh Morjana Alaoui dan Mylène Jampanoï.Film ini ditayangkan perdana di Festival Film Cannes 2008 di Marché du Film, dan dirilis secara teatrikal di Prancis pada 3 September 2008.

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