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  1. Tangier - Wikipedia › wiki › Tangier

    Tangier, (Arabic: طنجة ‎, romanized: ṭanja; Berber languages: ⵟⴰⵏⵊⴰ, romanized: ṭanja) is a city in northwestern Morocco.It is on the Maghreb coast at the western entrance to the Strait of Gibraltar, where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean off Cape Spartel.

  2. English Tangier - Wikipedia › wiki › English_Tangier

    English Tangier refers to the Moroccan city of Tangier during the period of the city when it was under English occupation as part of the English colonial empire, which lasted from 1661 to 1684. Tangier had been under Portuguese rule before King Charles II acquired the city as part of the dowry when he married the Portuguese infanta Catherine .

  3. Tangier - Wikipedia › wiki › Tangier

    The history o Tangier is vera rich due tae the historical presence o mony ceevilizations an culturs startin frae the 5t century BC. Atween the period o being a Phoenician toun tae the unthirldom era aroond the 1950s, Tangier wis a place —an, sometimes a refuge— for mony cultural diversities.

    • 145 m (476 ft)
    • Morocco
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  5. Kasbah Mosque (Tangier) - Wikipedia › wiki › Kasbah_Mosque_(Tangier)

    Kasbah Mosque (Tangier) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Kasbah Mosque in Tangier, Morocco, is the main mosque of the historic royal citadel (kasbah) in the old city (medina) of Tangier. It dates to the late 17th century.

  6. Battle of Tangier (1437) - Wikipedia › wiki › Battle_of_Tangier_(1437)

    The Battle of Tangier, sometimes referred to as the Siege of Tangiers and, by the Portuguese, as the Disaster of Tangier (Portuguese: Desastre de Tânger), refers to the attempt by a Portuguese expeditionary force to seize the Moroccan citadel of Tangier and its defeat by the armies of the Marinid sultanate of Morocco, in 1437.

    • 13 September 1437 – 19 October 1437
    • Tangier, Morocco
    • Decisive Moroccan victory
  7. American Legation, Tangier - Wikipedia › wiki › American_Legation,_Tangier

    The Tangier American Legation (Arabic: المفوضية الأميركية في طنجة ‎; French: Légation américaine de Tanger) is a building in the medina of Tangier, Morocco. The first American public property outside the United States , [3] it commemorates the historic cultural and diplomatic relations between the United States and ...

  8. First Moroccan Crisis - Wikipedia › wiki › First_Moroccan_Crisis

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The First Moroccan Crisis (also known as the Tangier Crisis) was an international crisis between March 1905 and May 1906 over the status of Morocco.

  9. Dar al-Makhzen (Tangier) - Wikipedia › wiki › Dar_el_Makhzen_(Tangier)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Dar el Makhzen (Tangier)) The Dar al-Makhzen or Sultanate Palace is a historical building and museum in Tangier, Morocco. It was the seat of residence for the Sultans of Morocco when staying in the city.

  10. Perdicaris affair - Wikipedia › wiki › Perdicaris_incident

    The Perdicaris affair (a.k.a. Perdicaris incident) refers to the kidnapping of Greek-American playboy Ion "Jon" Hanford Perdicaris (1840–1925) and his stepson, Cromwell Varley, a British subject, by Mulai Ahmed er Raisuli and his bandits on 18 May 1904 in Tangier, Morocco.

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