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    Theodora Komnene (Greek: Θεοδώρα ἡ Κομνηνή, died 2 January 1184), Latinized Theodora Comnena, was a daughter of the Byzantine prince Andronikos Komnenos and his wife, Eirene (?Aineiadissa). Based on the writings of Niketas Choniates, it is likely Theodora was Andronikos' second daughter. The year of Theodora's birth is unknown.

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    A third Theodora Komnene was the wife of Duke Henry II of Austria and mother of Duke Leopold V of Austria. Sources [ edit ] William of Tyre , A History of Deeds Done Beyond the Sea , trans. E.A. Babcock and A.C. Krey. Columbia University Press, 1943.

  3. Theodora Komnene (daughter of Alexios I) - Wikipedia

    Theodora Komnene (Greek: Θεοδώρα Κομνηνὴ; born 15 January 1096) was a Byzantine noblewoman, being the fourth daughter of Emperor Alexios I Komnenos and Irene Doukaina. She married Constantine Angelos , by whom she had seven children.

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    Theodora Komnene, Queen of Jerusalem (born c. 1145), niece of Manuel I Komnenos, wife of Baldwin III of Jerusalem; Theodora Komnene, Duchess of Austria (died 1184), niece of Manuel I Komnenos, wife of Henry II, Duke of Austria; Theodora Komnene, Princess of Antioch (fl. 1140), niece of Manuel I Komnenos, wife of Bohemond III of Antioch

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  6. Theodora Komnena (Österreich) – Wikipedia

    Theodora Komnena, Prinzessin von Byzanz, Herzogin von Österreich (* um 1134 in Konstantinopel; † 2. Jänner 1184 in Wien), wurde durch ihre Ehe mit Heinrich II. Jasomirgott von Österreich aus dem Haus der Babenberger, Markgräfin von Österreich (1149–1156), Herzogin von Bayern (1149–1156) und erste Herzogin von Österreich (1156–1177).

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    Theodora Komnene, Duchess of Austria. Quite the same Wikipedia. Just better.

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  9. Theodora Komnene, Byzantine Princess (c.1133 - 1184) - Genealogy

    Theodora Komnene (Austria) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theodora Komnene (death 1183) was a niece of Manuel I Komnenos, Byzantine Emperor; a daughter of Andronikos Komnenos and Eirene Aineidasa; and the second wife of Henry II Jasomirgott, Duke of Austria. She was the mother of : Leopold V, Duke of Austria Henry, Duke of Mödling ...

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    Gertrude dari Süpplingenburg dan Theodora Komnene, kedua istri Heinrich II Jasomirgott Perincian silsilah Babenberg, Biara Klosterneuburg, Austria Theodora Komnena atau Theodora Comnena ( bahasa Yunani : Θεοδώρα ἡ Κομνηνή , wafat 2 Januari 1184) merupakan putri Andronikos Komnenos dan istrinya, Eirene (?Aineiadissa).

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