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    Toho Animation. Toho Cinemas. Website. www .toho .co .jp /en. Toho Co., Ltd. is a Japanese film, theater production and distribution company. It has its headquarters in Chiyoda, Tokyo, and is one of the core companies of the Hankyu Hanshin Toho Group. Outside of Japan, it is best known as the producer and distributor of many kaiju and tokusatsu ...

    • Daigoro Vs. Goliath

      Daigoro vs. Goliath (怪獣大奮戦 ダイゴロウ対ゴリアス, Kaijū Daifunsen...

    • Battle in Outer Space

      Battle in Outer Space (宇宙大戦争, Uchū Daisensō, lit. The Great...

  2. Toho is a Japanese film production and distribution company. Toho or Tōhō may also refer to:

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  4. Toho (kachina) In the religious beliefs of the Native American Pueblo people, Toho is a hunter kachina for the Hopi and Zuni tribes. Toho, The mountain lion kachina, often accompanies such animals as the deer or antelope kachinas when they appear in the Line Dances of spring. Armed with yucca whips, he patrols the procession in company with He ...

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    Toho Gas Co., Ltd. (東邦瓦斯株式会社, Tōhō Gasu Kabushiki-gaisha), commonly written as 東邦ガス, is a Japanese gas company based in Nagoya, Japan. It supplies gas to the Tōkai region, especially the Chūkyō metropolitan area. It is also one of Nagoya's "four influential companies" along with Meitetsu, Matsuzakaya, and Chubu ...

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    • Energy
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    TohoScope. Toho Scope (東宝スコープ) is an anamorphic lens system developed in the late 1950s by Toho Studios in response to the popularity of CinemaScope. Its technical specifications are identical to those of CinemaScope. This widescreen format was first used for the black-and-white films The Men of Tohoku, and On Wings of Love, made ...

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